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Features you didn’t know about in IOS7


Love it or hate it, IOS7 is here and we’ve all had a bit of time to adjust to it. You may think that you have it sussed, but there are a few surprise elements to apple’s latest software update that you quite possibly haven’t found yet. 

Using Safari to see tweets with URLs:

If you want to see all the tweets on your feed that have a URL included in them, simply open up Safari, touch the bookmark icon and you should see a tab with the ‘@’ symbol. This tab will bring up a list of tweets with a URL so you don’t have to keep accessing your twitter app to follow a link. It’s a nice little time saver.


See your frequently visited places on a map:

A cool way to keep track of all the places you visit on a regular basis. Go to settings > privacy > Location services > Frequent locations. A nice way to see what your travelling habits are if you are single, a nice way to get your other half interrogating you if you’re not.


Turn automatic app updates on or off:

Sick of manually going into the app store every time you have an update? Well now you can FINALLY have it done automatically in the background. Simply go in to the settings and touch the iTunes and app store section. There you can toggle automatic update on or off.


Change the gender of Siri:

If you have a preference of voices when it comes to having a conversation with a phone, this is the feature for you. You can now choose between a  soft spoken female Siri or a deeper voiced male one. To do this, head into the general section of your settings and there you can find a voice changer tab for Siri


Unlimited space in you App folders:

Apple has finally gotten around to creating a black hole singularity in your phone, now your folders can hold as many apps as you want. Perfect for the user who doesn’t like categorisation


By Content Assistant – Daniel Horton – @ItsDanielHorton

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