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Giraffe Welcome Jess to the Team

Giraffe Welcome Jess Newman

There’s something a little different about all of us, and that’s just great. We delight in individualities here at Giraffe Social Media; we know that those different perspectives come together to help make our service stand out from the crowd. This week we are welcoming a brand new Giraffe to the family – Jess Newman!

We are incredibly excited to welcome Jessica Newman as the newest member of the Giraffe family! Jess has a degree in media studies from Portsmouth University and is looking forward to getting stuck into marketing for some of our social media clients.

We stole her for a few moments to find out a little more about her and what makes her tick…

Hey Jess!


What most drew you to applying to become part of the team?

Well, I saw the ad online and just felt really drawn to it! It seemed like a really exciting and energetic place to work, and I could totally see myself working there.

What are you most looking forward to about working here?

I’m most looking forward to getting stuck in with my social media clients. Some of them are very similar to my own personal interests, so I can’t wait to help them achieve their goals online.

Which celebrity do you like to think people mistake you for?

I’d like to think Reese Witherspoon, she’s just amazing. I think she’s great. Oh, actually Kate Winslet – she’s similarly amazing and just as great.

Which celebrity do people actually mistake you for?

I don’t think I’ve ever been mistaken for a celebrity. Because I am one. I’m kidding! Nobody as far as I’m aware…

What is the theme song to your life?

It’s got to be the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme tune. It just makes you want to go for it and seize the day. I used to listen to it on the train on the way to my old job and it would really help wake me up and get me pumped! Also I like Pirates, so it’s a given really.

If you could have a mythical creature as a pet, what would it be?

Ooh, probably a Mermaid because I’m still a Disney Princess at heart and I admire Ariel. Especially her hair. She has amazing hair. I could brush it all day.

What’s your favourite hour of the day and why?

These are strange questions! Erm, probably 2100 hours because that’s when the best programmes are on the television.

Any dietary requirements we should be aware of?

Not really. I like all the food. So maybe the only requirement is extra food – just leave it around the place. However, the texture of couscous grosses me out a bit and I’m not too sure about cinnamon.

Duly noted. If you were a superhero, what would your name and power be?

My power would be to be able to eat any food and never put on weight. Not really a super power as such, more of a higher metabolic rate. And my name – The Munch Machine! Or Lady Nom Nom.

Books or films?

I’d have to go with films as I am a bit of an IMDB addict. I love crime thrillers but also fantasy, especially the Harry Potter films.

Lastly, if you could know the answer to any question what would it be?

Why would anyone wear Crocs?

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