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How to Get Amazing Results for Your Business on Instagram

We’ve said it once on the Giraffe blog, and we’re saying it again. Pictures make content sexy! 

Instagram is growing fast and with every step it’s improving; now with video capability also being available it’s important that companies start using the service too.

If you have not heard of Instagram by now get listening to how it can create success!

The use of hashtags makes it possible for businesses to search words and phrases which are relevant to their organisation; making is possible for them to see what instagram users are saying about their product and services, also giving the business a way to give feed back to their customers, it helps to give the company a personal touch and show their appreciation towards their customers and consumers!

I have had a few personal experiences of businesses commenting on my photos which are relevant to them, it shows the company to be interested in good feedback and that they also want the customer to feel that they are helping out in the success of the business.

Also make sure you as a company upload as many clear and to the point photos, try to show a look behind the scenes so that the customer feels they are seeing every aspect of what they are buying in too. Also upload photos of previous customers you have had success with, if you have any celebrity customers make sure you make the most of their fame and flaunt them and try to keep them buying into more products.

Take photos on your phones, it makes the process easy peasy, therefore you will be up to date as possible, instagram is very easy to use on your mobile phone so make sure you do it as much as possible.

When uploading photos try to ask a question within the comment box, this way it keeps customers engaged and encouraging them to feel a part of the business, such as if you have designed a new product ask the world of instagram what they think of the design, more comments means more interest and exposure.

Finally, try to give you company as much publicity as possible, connect your instagram to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, this is very simple when using the app. Instagram gives you the option to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare and even by email when uploading your photo, this helps you to keep your company up to date in every media form and giving the hope of your company growing in success.

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