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Make Yourself an Industry Expert with these Tips!

For business, a blog can be a vital way to engage with not only current customers, but potential customers/clients.

A blog can be used as a free, but potentially extremely effective self marketing tool when executed correctly. It allows business to promote themselves and their services as industry-leading, or as experts.

The benefit of being considered an expert in your industry is that people not only listen to what you have to say, they actively go to you for business. It brings trust, credibility and most importantly, increased profit margins!

The general consensus is that if somebody puts aside the time to subscribe to your blog, and read what you publish, they must have some level of interest in your business and what you have to offer to them. Reading a post is one thing, engaging with it in the form of commenting and sharing it with friends or colleagues takes it to another level, if people are commenting on your post, interacting with each other, it’s just as powerful as word of mouth, (people will always believe other consumers before they believe the brands or businesses).

Your blog should ideally follow the brand of your company, so that it appeals to the same people your business does (if you’re an accountancy or payroll firm, people will most likely expect a formal, technical blog, not a fun, informal blog with a lot of pictures or even video embedded).

If you’re not already an expert in your industry, which judging by the fact you’re reading a post entitled “How to use your blog to make yourself an expert in your industry”, then the best possible people to read and engage with your blog, (besides potential new customers) are the people who are currently regarded as the experts in your industry.

If the people above you in your industry are reading what you post, and engaging with it, then you can learn from them. Posting your views, opinion and information from your point of view without absorbing information from others won’t move you up to being seen by others as an expert in your industry. Even once you are at the ‘top’ of your industry, it is important not to become complacent when it comes to sharing information and learning through your blog. Everybody still has things to learn.

Tom Cornall – Social Media Content Assistant – @tomcornall

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