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How to use LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn can be a great asset to any business, whether you’re a start-up, a small brand or a big company with over a hundred employees.

But where do you start, and how should you utilise the social media platform for your business?

What’s so good about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and has fast become one of the giants among the social media marketing crowd. It’s got a lot of great benefits that can help build and grow your business digitally. The social media platform currently has 500 million members, and 260 million of them are logging on each month – that’s a big pool to choose from and a lot of customers or clients to potentially attract.

The networking sites offers increased exposure, filtered search results and the chance for you or your business to show off your accomplishments and share the latest news happening in your company or industry. You can create real quality business connections with other companies that will solidate your credibility on the platform.

Who should use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is good for businesses that want to connect with customers, but it’s especially vital for B2B companies that want to network to other brands on the platform. Did you know LinkedIn is the most used platform by Fortune 500 companies? This means it is useful to companies who want to grow and expand and for businesses who are already where they want to be.

How to use LinkedIn for business

Although LinkedIn is great for graduates looking for jobs, it’s also a super handy tool for businesses that want to advertise their products and services.

Build a Company Page

As well as having your own personal profile, you should create a company page. This helps people to discover your brand and makes your business look legitimate. A company page is more detailed than just a personal profile. It allows users to access detailed business information about your company so your audience can learn more about your brand and any job opportunities available.

Start connecting

Start looking for connections on LinkedIn and use the social media platform’s great LinkedIn advertising tools to give your interactions a little boost.

For example, LinkedIn InMail is one of the most basic but most useful features for businesses. InMail allows you to message other users on LinkedIn, without having to connect with them first. You do not even have to be in the same group to send them a message! LinkedIn describe InMail as ‘private messages that allow you to contact anyone on LinkedIn without an introduction or contact information.’ You can send an InMail from either a user’s profile or through search results in LinkedIn Recruiter.

It’s different to just sending a regular message because you do not have to be directly connected to that person to interact with them. You can get the service on both LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which are discussed in more detail below!

Get your employees involved

Get your team members to talk about your business online and become brand ambassadors. Make sure they put your business as their job role in their LinkedIn profile and often share news and achievements happening in the company weekly. It not only increases brand awareness, but lets others know your brand is legitimate and trusted by real people on the platform. You also lot far more human and personal as a business, rather than just another dull or robotic company profile.

Post regularly

It’s not just enough to have a company page – you need to be posting regularly on there too to stay active to your audience. On LinkedIn, you can post quite a varied amount of content, from photos, to videos, to external links. This allows you to showcase your blog and website too with a direct link to the site. Creating and sharing your own blog articles establishes you as a thought leader in your field.

If you’re used to posting on Facebook and Twitter, you have to remember to take a different approach on LinkedIn, because of the different kind of audience on the platform. Share posts that add value to your audience’s lives – make sure your content (including your blog articles) are all intriguing and educational. Dull posts will make followers switch off from your social media, and thus your brand as a whole.

You should consider engaging content, as well as informative posts. Videos are one of the most engaging and interactive posts that you can share and work really well on LinkedIn too. You could either create videos using stock photos and videos on software or create your own clips in the office. Think about hosting Q&As with team members and showing the behind-the-scenes of your working day.

Think about getting Premium

LinkedIn Premium is a service provided by LinkedIn that opens a lot of new doors for users, recruiters and businesses. It has a whole range of new and improved features set to help you achieve your goals, specific to what you’re on LinkedIn to do. The Business version of LinkedIn Premium lets you ‘grow and nurture your network’ and ‘learn new skills to enhance your professional brand’. It also provides you with the InMail, so you don’t have to search manually for people and risk not getting anywhere with your interactions.

Alternatively, there’s also LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which ‘taps into the power of LinkedIn’s 560M+ member network to help Sales professionals find and build relationships with prospects and customers through modern selling.’ You can ideally do anything in the sales process through the tool, from prospecting to closing the deal altogether, including InMails and lead generation. You can read more on LinkedIn Sales Navigator here.

Sponsor some posts

LinkedIn offers the option of ‘Sponsored Content’, which means you can promote one of your posts, so it’ll reach a wider audience.

The social media platform also offers the opportunity to add Lead Gen Forms to the Sponsored Content ads. These come with an easy call-to-action button, that allows the form to be automatically filled out with a potential customer’s contact information, when an individual clicks it. Therefore, advertisers can collect leads at better conversion rates.

If you need any help with your LinkedIn advertising, or want any more information on social media marketing as a whole, please get in contact today.

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