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Encyclopædia Britannica

Encyclopædia Britannica

As a UK subsidiary of Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., Britannica UK is a leading provider of learning and knowledge. Bringing timely, relevant and trustworthy information and instructional resources to educational establishments, homes, libraries and workplaces throughout the world.

  • Grow a targeted social audience, comprised of highly relevant users who are most likely to engage with Britannica.
  • Interact with these communities to build brilliant awareness of the encyclopaedia, with sights that this increase enquiries and interest in the resource.
  • To grow the social accounts for Britannica, we used a dual strategy of using highly targeted and continuously optimised growth ads on both Facebook and Twitter; coupled with engaging and interesting posts that would lead to shares, likes and comments – which ultimately would result in growth. In the first six months of the campaign, we increased their Facebook page likes from 1,614 to 2,280 (an increase of 41.26%), we also managed to increase their Twitter following from 1,308 to 1,785 (an increase of 36.47%).
  • To achieve the second goal, we would have to add community management to our posting work on Twitter.  This would involve actually reaching out to people on Twitter and initiating conversations. The effectiveness of our strategy is reflected in the results, in our first month of work we achieved a Twitter reply reach of 20,672, by the sixth month of our campaign – this had increased to 268,046.

Below are some examples of a particular posting campaign we ran, where we encourage the new audience we had built to engage with us.  The campaign revolved around describing a famous person from history:

Encyclopædia Britannica 1


Encyclopædia Britannica 2


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March 7, 2018

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