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Why Brands Need to be More Human on Social Media

Promoting brand advocacy on social media is key to unlocking each network’s maximum digital marketing potential. It’s what social media experts have been saying all along – shouting about your brand doesn’t work anymore, to get results you need to engage with real people at a human level and get them to trust your brand so that your network will grow organically.
Social media is about being social. It was made by humans for humans. So to win, you need to be human. And the last time we checked, humans were far better at that than brands…or robots.

Unless you are a digital marketing master, the concept of social media marketing can feel like a frustrating concept to grasp if you get lost in all the terminology. This can be especially true for start-ups as gaining real support from real people is a major factor to success during the process.

If you get to feeling like this is a game purely for pinstriped CEOs to shout about on LinkedIn, you’re looking in the wrong place. Millennials know social media. Millennials and social networks grew up together. They went to nursery at the same time. It was around the same point that they both started to find their place in the world. They have made mistakes and grown alongside each other. So it stands to reason that if Millennials suddenly get scared of social media just because their brands are involved, they are going to fall out of favour with one another.

Truth is that the point of social media for brands is simple and doesn’t need overthinking. Regardless of whether your ultimate aim is to promote sales or gain investment, your pages simply won’t grow if you don’t make people want to engage with you. Millennials are completely aware of what’s advertising and what isn’t, and they are less likely to trust a brand that doesn’t feel authentic. According to Forbes, a study found ‘42% of people distrust brands, mainly because they consider them to be part of the establishment.’

The reason why many social marketing efforts fail? They forget that their audience is no longer a faceless mass called “the public”. It’s one guy.

While it’s true that the purpose of social media marketing is perfectly simple and shouldn’t be over-complicated, the execution of social media marketing campaigns requires major consideration. Firstly, your audience. It’s not a case of just saying “current social followers” or “target audience – young persons, 16-25.” When you define your audience you need to consider their likes, dislikes, what they consider important, what they look to social media for, where they are from, how much money they have etc., etc.

It’s this specific targeting that will get right to the people who you want to be an advocate for your brand. Social Media is the perfect platform for targeting your advertisements – but remember that authenticity is the key to attracting Millennials, and most wouldn’t consider themselves swayed by advertising. So once you’ve worked out who your audience are, to get them to trust or even like your brand, you need to be human.

Let’s put it this way – a good social media manager is a professional confidence trickster.

When brands engage with humans on a human level Millennials are 62% more likely to engage with them. You need a voice. If you don’t think a humorous style or friendly manner fits with your brand, if you’d rather be posting testimonials and constantly plugging deals, then our sincerest apologies but you may as well not bother. It doesn’t work. If you want results you need to transform your social media from passive-megaphone to active-telephone.

Social networking can be such a massive influence on growing word-of-mouth PR. It’s those human conversations between brand and audience that will encourage users to trust your brand, encourage brand advocacy and ultimately elevate your network to new heights.

“That’s all well and good. But I need leads – not followers.”

You quantify success of marketing campaigns through leads, which is understandable. But consider this – 60% of Millennials are brand loyal and incredibly willing to share their experiences with others. It’s that growth that is active, continual and completely priceless.

Social media is about reaching out to people who don’t necessarily need your services or product right now and getting them to love your brand so that they will remember you when they do require them. That’s why brands need to be more human on social media.

Edited by Olivia Newman – 19/09/2019.

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