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Spain's Organic Larder

Spain's Organic Larder distribute a wide range of organic, plant-derived foods from Spain, including cooked, preserved and dried pulses, vegetables, seeds and more, as far as reasonably possible. Spain's Organic Larder is a family-owned business committed to tradition and innovation.




Spain's Organic Larder

the problem

Spain’s Organic Larder team contacted us seeking help with their social media presence. They wanted to be more active on Instagram and build brand recognition.​

the approach

Branding is a crucial part of any social media strategy, so first and foremost, we knew we had to overhaul their Instagram account altogether.​ This focus on brand cohesion became a central pillar of our social media strategy for Spain’s Organic Larder.


the solution

After running an audit of their Instagram account, we first noticed that there needed to be more cohesion. Each post felt like it was separate from Spain’s Organic Larder brand. This became our number one priority.

Additionally, we saw that the existing content on the Instagram page needed to have hashtag strategy. These two things combined to create our new approach to Instagram for Spain’s Organic Larder. We focused on creating a wide range of content that would appeal to the brand’s target audience whilst ensuring that all graphics felt on-brand.

Our hashtag strategy focused on targeting users who were already searching for Spanish and Latin American food. Doing this ensured we were putting Spain’s Organic Larder front of mind when these users considered buying more of their favourite food.

our work

For all content produced for Spain’s Organic Larder, we ensured that the brand was being reflected in the best possible light, with the colours, logos, and elements all feeling part of the holistic whole of the brand.

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