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social media management

"Mastering social media management is vital for businesses. With over a decade of experience, Giraffe stands poised to elevate your business in this realm, ensuring your digital presence flourishes with expert finesse."

Kane Lodge, Managing Director

Post Approval

Our multi-tiered approval process ensures high quality and no mistakes while keeping the review effortless for our partners.

Publishing Posts

We meticulously select optimal times for publishing and integrate thorough hashtag research to amplify reach.

Community Management

We stay agile, proactively fostering community spirit and reactively addressing feedback.


Every report we craft is tailored, reflecting insights aligned with your goals and the overarching strategy.

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social case study


  • increased conversions
  • clicks through to the website
  • generate sales via website


  • introduce a content strategy to add more purpose to posting
  • design a marketing funnel for customers
  • deploy web traffic ads to an audience of potential new customers
  • retarget web visitors and lookalikes with conversion ads
followers gained
return on investment

want to boost sales?generate leads?increase engagement?build a community?grow brand awareness?

how can social media management help you?

Every Marketing Manager recognises the challenge of finding time for social media. By entrusting Giraffe with your social media management, you reclaim countless hours, ensuring you can focus on the core areas of your business without compromise. Gone will be those Friday afternoons of remembering you having scheduled content for the following week. We've got you!

Our service achieves much more than just saving you time; it's about ensuring your social media contributes to your business goals. Our expertise, drawn from over a decade of social media management, ensures your brand's voice genuinely resonates with its audience. We delve into data, scrutinise user behaviours, and leverage our insights to ensure every post and campaign hits its mark.

We prioritise creativity, constantly pushing boundaries to ensure your brand's narrative stands out and stays active. Whether it's a carousel post, an animated graphic, or a stirring video, we ensure your content keeps your audience coming back for more.

Giraffe seamlessly integrates as an extension of your in-house team. Please consider us your dedicated partners aligned with your brand's vision. Whether you're launching a new campaign, promoting a sale, or highlighting a significant event, we're ensuring your social channels echo and amplify these milestones with precision and flair.

We're more than a service; we're your dedicated partners in this digital journey.

giraffe known for social media management

When businesses seek premier social media management, Giraffe stands tall. This reputation isn't merely happenstance—it's built on a solid foundation of results and dedication spanning over a decade. Here's why Giraffe is synonymous with excellence in social media.

Over a Decade of Experience
Having partnered with hundreds of businesses across various sectors, we've transformed how brands engage online, ensuring their messaging isn't just effective and genuinely transformative. Our legacy stretches back years, during which we've amplified voices and refined strategies, each time making life simpler and results tangibly better for our partners.

Coming Out On Top
A quick Google search will reveal our consistent presence at the top, indicating trust from the digital community and a testament to our proficiency. It's no small feat to consistently rank as a go-to choice for businesses searching for superior social media management. Still, Giraffe has secured that spot for the better part of our journey.

Any good agency should be committed to evolution, but at Giraffe - this is baked into our DNA. Our industry never stands still, and nor do we. Every lesson learned, and success story has shaped how we do things and will continue to ad infinitum.

Giraffe's acclaim in social media management is more than just results—it's a testimony of consistent excellence, unwavering dedication, and an understanding of the digital pulse. When you think of unparalleled social media management, think Giraffe.