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social media advertising

"Social media advertising is more than just boosting the odd post or two. We will develop a complete paid strategy, identify the right target audience, and optimise and monitor campaigns strategically, all while you watch your brand story soar!"

Daniella Couve, Senior Social Media Manager


We dive deep into audience specifics, choose optimal ad formats, and implement strategic split tests tailored to your brand's objectives.


Our designers craft visuals that grab attention and resonate with your target audience, ensuring consistent and compelling brand storytelling.


Post-launch, we maintain a keen eye on the ads' performance, capturing real-time data to make any immediate tweaks required.


We rely on data as our guide. By analysing performance metrics, we make informed decisions, ensuring your ads get the best results.

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paid ads case study


  • increased engagement
  • generate sales via website
  • increase brand awareness


  • design a marketing funnel for customers
  • regularly promoted existing Facebook and Instagram content
  • drove website visits by utlising traffic ads
  • retarget web visitors and lookalikes with conversion ads
return on ad spend
revenue generated

want to boost sales?generate leads?increase engagement?build a community?grow brand awareness?

do you need social media advertising?

In today's digital landscape, the simple answer is a resounding yes. While organic social media strategies have merit, solely relying on them is akin to swimming against a strong current.

Algorithm changes across platforms have reduced organic reach, placing businesses in a scenario where their painstakingly crafted content can go largely unseen. When executed correctly, social media advertising can circumvent these challenges, ensuring your message reaches its intended audience directly and effectively.

Furthermore, as the digital realm becomes more saturated, the competition for the limited real estate on users' feeds intensifies. Social media advertising ensures your brand can be seen, heard, and engaged. Beyond mere visibility, it offers precision targeting, real-time analytics, and the flexibility to pivot strategies based on data-driven insights.

In essence, to survive and thrive in this evolving digital age, incorporating a robust social media advertising approach isn't just recommended; it's imperative.

should you use an agency for paid ads?

The intricacies of paid advertising can seem overwhelming, and while many businesses consider managing it in-house as a cost-saving measure, this approach can often be a false economy.

Giraffe brings to the table not just expertise but a proven track record of driving optimal results. Every penny you invest in social media advertising with Giraffe is meticulously geared towards maximising your ROI.

Our deep knowledge of paid ads and commitment to continuous campaign refinement ensure that your ads always perform at their peak. Moreover, the intricate layers of digital advertising—from audience targeting to ad format optimisation—demand specialised skills and tools we have honed over the years.

While the upfront cost of an agency might seem like an added expense, with Giraffe, it's an investment. An investment that consistently proves its worth by delivering results that far outstrip what most in-house teams can achieve. By choosing Giraffe, you're not just spending; you're strategically allocating resources for amplified returns.

social media advertising

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social media advertising

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social media advertising

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