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Branding Resources

Principles of Graphic Design: A Giraffe Guide

As social media managers, understanding the basic principles of graphic design is essential. Knowing how to put together visually appealing graphics will ensure your ads and social content are eye-catching, engaging, and successful. But, without going to design school, there’s no way you can get
making authentic content

Making Authentic Content for Social Media

In the past few years of uncertain times, it is clear that there is an increasing need from consumers to experience real and authentic content on social media, especially when it comes to brands. Sprout Social has reported that “90% of consumers say authenticity is important

A Simple Branding Checklist for Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

We know that creating a brand is hard work. Without some helpful guidance on what steps to take, it can feel like you’re lost in an ocean of tones of voice and HEX values. At Giraffe Social Media, we wanted to put together a simple,