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influencer marketing

Kate webster

"We can help your business reach new and niche audiences by tapping into the currency of influencers - trust and authenticity, by partnering with the people who have already built an influential relationship with their followers."

Kate Webster, Head of Operations


We use specialist software to pinpoint influencers aligned with your brand's ethos and objectives.


We expertly navigate terms, ensuring cost-effective agreements that serve both parties.


We collaboratively steer content direction, blending an influencer's voice with brand objectives.


We provide comprehensive analytics, measuring campaign impact and driving future refinements.

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influencer case study


  • increased engagement
  • generate sales via website
  • build a community


  • develop a comprehensive influencer strategy
  • spread brand advocacy via influencer and organic content
  • generate genuine testimonials from happy Sebamed customers
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our influencer marketing services

Influencer marketing is a potent tool to connect brands with audiences on a personal, genuine level. At Giraffe, our approach to influencer marketing services are strategic and comprehensive, ensuring our partners capitalise on this powerful mode of engagement.

Specialist Software
Our journey begins with leveraging specialist software, a modern alchemy that allows us to pinpoint the perfect influencers. Rather than a generic approach, we ensure that chosen influencers align seamlessly with your brand's ethos, target audience, and overarching objectives. This intricate matchmaking ensures a natural and authentic promotion of your message.

Once we identify the right fit, the negotiation phase commences. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we negotiate fees that are fair and reflective of the influencer's reach and resonance. We communicate with you as our partner to ensure you understand any fees before agreeing.

Creative Process
Our role as your influencer marketing agency continues beyond matchmaking and negotiation. We dive deep into the creative process, working closely with influencers while overseeing the creativity of content. By marrying the influencer's authenticity with the brand's message, we ensure the content resonates, engages, and drives action.

Finally, as the campaign rolls out, our focus shifts to reporting and analytics. We meticulously track the campaign's performance, providing insights into engagement metrics, reach, conversions, and more. This comprehensive reporting quantifies the campaign's success and provides invaluable insights for future initiatives.

With Giraffe at the helm of your influencer marketing campaigns, every step is strategic, seamless, and squarely focused on maximising impact.

why is influencer marketing so effective?

Consumers have grown wary of traditional marketing in a world inundated with advertisements. Amidst the cacophony, influencer marketing has become a beacon of genuine engagement, capturing audiences with its authentic, relatable touch. But what makes working with an influencer agency so effective?

First and foremost, influencer marketing capitalises on trust. Audiences have cultivated a bond with influencers, valuing their opinions as they would close friends or family. When these influencers advocate for a product or service, it's perceived not as a cold advertisement but as a genuine recommendation, lending credibility to brands in an unparalleled way.

Moreover, it's the age of narratives. Stories resonate, and influencers, with their unique voice and style, spin tales that captivate. Their endorsements weave into their daily lives, trips, meals, and routines. This seamless branding integration into real-life scenarios makes the promotion feel organic, relatable, and more compelling.

Another significant factor is the targeted reach. Influencers often have niche audiences. Collaborating with an influencer ensures that a brand's message is delivered directly to an already interested and engaged demographic, amplifying the likelihood of positive reception and action.

Lastly, the digital age thrives on interactivity. Influencer marketing services aren't just about broadcasting a message; it's a dialogue. Followers ask questions, voice concerns, and influencers respond. This two-way interaction fosters a sense of community, a feeling that the brand isn't a distant entity but a part of their daily conversations.

Influencer marketing's potency lies in its ability to mesh the authenticity of personal recommendations with the scale of digital outreach. It's not just marketing; it's a conversation, a suggestion, a story — and that's why it holds unparalleled sway in today's market landscape.