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content creation

"Masterful content isn't just an option; it's the linchpin of successful digital engagement, and our content creation service crafts precisely that."

Phil Treagus-Evans, Managing Director

Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic designers are experienced in creating highly engaging social graphics.


Whether it's product photography, shots of the team in the office or a lifestyle shoot, we can make it happen.


With video consistently outperforming all other types of content - it's never been more critical.

Content Creation Days

A day of on-location shooting to create photo and video content that can last weeks or even months.

need product photography?user generated content?Instagram reels?carousel graphics?behind the scenes video?animated graphics?TikTok content?SEO optimised blog posts?explainer videos?

content case study


  • clicks through to the website
  • increased engagement
  • app installs


  • create a strategy of organic content and infographics
  • publish informative and engaging content to educate the audience
  • publish high-quality infographics designed to generate web traffic

want to boost sales?increase engagement?generate leads?grow brand awareness?build a community?

why is varied content creation important?

We've all heard the phrase 'content is king' - but how true is it? Within the vast landscape of digital marketing, varied content creation is a pivotal strategy for brands aiming to make a lasting impression.

Why? First, consumers these days are both discerning and diverse. They've been exposed to a myriad of content types daily. Using a single format, such as static images, risks fading into the background noise. Varied content creation, where you blend static images with carousel graphics, videos, and animated graphics, provides a dynamic tapestry that can cater to different tastes and consumption habits.

Each form of content creation serves a distinct purpose. Carousel graphics can weave a compelling narrative, giving depth to a brand story. Conversely, videos have the potency to demonstrate products in action, offer behind-the-scenes insights, or share testimonials — they're immersive. They can convey emotion in ways static images might not. Animated graphics? They sprinkle zest into a feed, offering quick, digestible information while delighting the viewer.

By diversifying content creation, brands can optimise their reach across different platform algorithms. Some platforms favour video, while others might give prominence to interactive carousels.

Lastly, from an expertise perspective, varied content creation signals a brand's adaptability and commitment to innovation. It shows you're not just in tune with the trends but are also proactive in your approach. In an arena where content creation is paramount, versatility and variety aren't just aesthetic choices; they are strategic imperatives that can significantly amplify engagement and brand recall.

how we assist partners with content creation

In the rapidly evolving world of digital media, Giraffe stands as a paragon of content creation expertise, grounded in years of honing our craft and adapting to the dynamic needs of brands across sectors. Here's how we lead our partners towards content excellence:

Diverse In-House Expertise
Our in-house team is an ensemble of creative virtuosos—designers, writers, and strategists—each bringing a wealth of experience from myriad projects. They delve deep into your brand's DNA, crafting content that resonates, informs, and engages, setting you apart in a cluttered digital space.

Strategic Collaborations
Understanding the expansive realm of content, we've strategically aligned ourselves with a select network of external specialists. Their niche expertise ensures that your content requirement—cutting-edge animations, captivating videography, or bespoke graphics—is catered for at the highest standard.

Harnessing Influencer Potential
In today's user-driven content landscape, the authenticity and relatability of influencer-created content can be a game-changer. As a content creation agency, we have a little black book of content creators and access to specialist software to ensure that your brand only works with creators who are a perfect fit for your brand and goals.

A Legacy of Success
While the world of content creation may seem a little daunting, partnering with an agency like Giraffe, who have been doing this for eleven years and have worked with hundreds of brands, can make the whole thing a little less scary. This extensive experience serves as our compass, guiding our content creation processes and ensuring that our partners always receive content strategies that are both innovative and proven.