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A sound social media strategy begins by understanding your brand's unique DNA, your target audience, and how they consume and engage with social media. By partnering with Giraffe, you'll embark on an extensive strategy formulation process, where every decision is rooted in data and refined through insights. Your strategy becomes more than just a plan; it becomes the roadmap to your business objectives.

In today's crowded digital spaces, ads can be a momentary scroll past or a powerful touchpoint. We immerse ourselves in extensive split testing, experimenting with varying audience types, creatives, and formats. Whether tweaking a headline, modifying an image, or altering ad placements, every decision is data-informed. This ongoing process ensures that each ad iteration is more effective than the last. It's not merely about getting your message out but ensuring it lands effectively, resonating with those who encounter it and converting passive viewers into active participants in your brand's journey.

At its core, content strategy bridges brand intent and audience reception. We craft plans that anchor around core content pillars, resonating with your brand's ethos and values. Posting for the sake of posting is pointless and costly. Each strategy also includes robust feedback loops, enabling us to assess content effectiveness and recalibrate as needed.


For lots of brands, consistently posting content is a necessary evil. However, content is a massive opportunity for your brand. Our team can help you, from creating custom graphics that capture your brand's key message to producing engaging and informing video snippets. Every piece is meticulously crafted to drive engagement and contribute to your marketing success.

The world of social media never sleeps. Effective management isn't just about posting; it's about understanding and leveraging each social network. Our approach covers every facet, from deep hashtag research that taps into trending conversations to community management that cultivates a sense of belonging among your audience. We're also obsessed with analytics, ensuring each action meets your goals.

Tapping into the power of influencer marketing isn't just about numbers; it's about authenticity. Our end-to-end campaign management begins with our specialist software to identify influencers who resonate genuinely with your brand ethos. We then co-create campaigns that amplify your message and do so in a manner that's authentic to both the influencer and your brand. This approach ensures that the message isn't just broadcasted; it's embraced and championed by genuine voices in the community.

custom crafted packages

We combine our strategic and creative social media marketing services holistically to achieve your goals.

social media marketing services

social media strategy

  • Comprehensive analysis of your brand's current social presence.
  • In-depth understanding of your target audience.
  • Assessing competitors to identify marketing opportunities.
  • Setting clear KPIs based on industry benchmark data.
  • Create a blueprint for measuring and refining the strategy.

social media advertising

  • Extensive split testing for informed decision-making.
  • Diverse audience targeting, maximising reach and engagement
  • Creative iteration: constantly refining ad designs.
  • Data-driven approach for continual performance optimisation.
  • Detailed reporting, offering transparent ROI insights.

content strategy

  • Aligning content with brand and audience.
  • Developing strategic content pillars to ensure consistency.
  • Platform specific content plans.
  • Data-driven approach for continual performance optimisation.
  • Detailed reporting, offering transparent ROI insights.

social media management

  • Scheduling posts at the most optimal times.
  • Detailed hashtag research for improved discoverability.
  • Proactive community management building brand sentiment.
  • Swift response strategy for addressing audience queries.
  • Plan and execute content campaigns to drive results.

content creation

  • In-house graphic designers for standout visuals.
  • Creating video, carousels and animated graphics.
  • On location content creation days to batch create visual content.
  • Aligning content with audience, brand and platform.
  • Regular content fresher to keep audiences engaged.

influencer marketing

  • Specialist software for searching and selecting influencers.
  • End-to-end campaign management, ideation to reporting.
  • Ensuring influencer content adheres to brand and strategy.
  • Transparent reporting on influencer campaign performance.
  • Nurturing relationships with long-term influencers and brand ambassadors.

want to boost sales?generate leads?increase engagement?build a community?grow brand awareness?

tailored to youyour brandyour goalsyour industry

We use our expertise to blend our social media marketing services into a single, customised package directly shaped by your unique goals for the best possible results.

Understanding Your Vision

We start by learning more about you, your brand, your goals, your industry and what sort of impact you'd like to make.

Analysing Your Social

We then take a look at your current social presence to see what is working, what's not, and where we are starting from.

Build a Custom Proposal

Finally. we use this information to build a custom proposal that holistically combines strategy and creativity to maximise results.