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life at giraffe

We genuinely care about our team's well-being, always striving for a harmonious work-life balance and nurturing avenues for growth and self-improvement.

Experience the comfort of remote work with a dedicated team day at the office each month. While our work hours are flexible, our commitment to staying connected isn't.

Contribute to a greener future. We invest monthly in carbon offset initiatives and tree planting, helping our team be carbon-positive contributors worldwide.

Because mental health matters. We offer unlimited mornings off when you're finding it hard to start the day, allowing our team to take a breather and practice mindfulness when needed.

Unwind and relax on us. We cover your Spotify and Netflix subscriptions to ensure your downtime is always enjoyable.

Broaden your horizons without using up your annual leave. Our staff have the freedom to work internationally, blending work and wanderlust.

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"Without a doubt, this company is the best I've ever had the opportunity to work for. Giraffe is the first place I've worked where my bosses genuinely care about the team's happiness."

Iliyana, Office Manager

social media assistant

Now Hiring

We are currently accepting applications for this role.

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We always look for talented people who align with our values. If that is you - why not check out our current availabilities on our careers page?

social media manager

Now Hiring

We are currently accepting applications for this role.