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Author: Samuel Stroud

Mobile-First Design for Social: Creating Thumb-Stopping Visual Experiences

In today’s ever-connected digital era, where our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, creating social content with a mobile-first design approach is no longer an option: it’s a necessity. Mobile devices have taken centre stage in our lives, and social media platforms have adapted

Five Killer Strategies for Social Media Growth [INFOGRAPHIC]

Growing on social media can often feel like alchemy. When you don’t do this every day – like us – knowing what will be effective for growing your brand is almost impossible. Do you focus on content? Do you work with influencers? Well, worry no
what is banner advertising

What is Banner Advertising and Does it Work?

If you’ve spent any time browsing the Internet, you are sure to have seen banner advertising. These small rectangular advertisements appear on a variety of web pages and vary in appearance and subject matter. However, they all share a basic function: Advertising. If you click