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Tips for Social Media

instagram marketing mistakes

The 9 Deadly Instagram Marketing Mistakes [INFOGRAPHIC]

It feels like every day there are changes to Instagram’s mystical algorithm which means us marketers have to find new and innovative ways of using the platform. However, whilst the algorithm changes on an almost daily basis, there are a few universal things that NEED
what to look for in a social media agency

What to Look for in a Social Media Agency

Social media agencies can help propel your business to new heights, reaching a new audience of people ready to make a purchase. So, when looking for a social media agency to work with, it’s important that you find a team that has experience, expertise, solid
social media verification

Social Media Verification: Is it Still Needed?

Social media verification is seemingly one of the hottest marketing topics of 2023. With Elon Musk’s new verification policies on Twitter (more on that later), brands, people, and bots all over the internet are looking to get their accounts verified on social media. The verification
who coined the term social media

Who Coined The Term ‘Social Media’ First?

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the question “what is social media?”, you may have also wondered who first coined the term. Well, the term ‘Social Media’ is very much the buzz phrase of a generation: it is used millions of times a day, generates
businesses that use social to thrive

Social Media Case Study: Four Businesses That Use Social to Thrive

In our social media case study collection, you can see a quick overview of how some of the world’s biggest businesses use social media to thrive. You’ll learn how Tesco, Disney, Costa Coffee, and Amazon all use social media to achieve their objectives. Additionally, we
social media campaign ideas for spring

5 Social Media Campaign Ideas to Try in Spring

Structuring your social media content plan according to current events and seasonality can create a good flow to your content and help your brand stay up-to-date and fresh. If you’re stuck for ideas for a spring social media campaign, look no further! We’re bringing you

Whatever Happened to Bebo?

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2014. At the time, it looked as though Bebo was coming back, but the non-stop passing of years has told a different story. Below, you can find the original, unchanged article from 2014. It’s an interesting read,
social media content calendar

Create a Social Media Content Calendar (+ Free Template!)

Creating a social media content calendar can be a daunting process when it’s your first time. That’s why, in this article, we want to break down the whole process into simple and easy-to-understand steps to help you get started. In this article, you’ll learn how