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Tips for Social Strategy

Navigating the UK Social Media Landscape

If your brand is looking for a diverse and dynamic audience that offers unique opportunities and challenges, then we encourage you to look at the UK audience. Requiring a strategic and creative approach, the UK social media landscape demands a understanding of the intricacies of

ROE vs. ROI: Measuring the Value of Social Media Interactions

It’s all well and good being able to create a strategy for social media, but understanding the impact of your strategy is vital for sustainable growth and engagement.  At Giraffe we quite often get asked about the best metrics for determining a campaign’s overall performance.
Social Media News Roundup February 2024

Social News April 2024 Round-Up

Spring is officially in bloom, the birds are tweeting, and we’re back to dive into the latest and hottest social media news updates in the industry. So, grab yourself an iced coffee, sit back and relax while we share a round-up of what has been
four elements of a social media strategy

Four Elements of a Strong Social Media Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media can be confusing. It can be hard to know where to start, or what you should even be posting on your accounts. But, when you break everything down into the main four sections, crafting your perfect social media strategy becomes much easier. In