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The Buyer’s Journey How to Reach Your Audience At Every Stage

The Buyer’s Journey How to Reach Your Audience At Every Stage [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Buyer’s Journey is a metaphorical path that your customers will take when considering a purchase of your product or service. It comprises of four stages: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, and finally Retention. When crafting your marketing strategy, it’s important that you’re keeping The Buyer’s Journey
what is banner advertising

What is Banner Advertising and Does it Work?

If you’ve spent any time browsing the Internet, you are sure to have seen banner advertising. These small rectangular advertisements appear on a variety of web pages and vary in appearance and subject matter. However, they all share a basic function: Advertising. If you click
elevating customer experiences with personalisation in e-commerce

Personalisation: Elevating Customer Experiences in E-commerce

In this article, we explore the concept of personalisation in e-commerce, which involves tailoring customer experiences to individual preferences and needs, and we delve into its pivotal role in reshaping the digital shopping landscape for larger brands. Introduction to Personalisation in E-commerce As a social
ideas for lead generation

5 Ideas for Lead Generation [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re running a B2B business, your marketing should be primarily focusing on acquiring leads. But, how do you get leads in a highly-competitive market? Here are our 5 tried-and-tested lead generation ideas you can implement in your marketing strategy! High-Quality Blog Content Blogs are
what to look for in a social media agency

What to Look for in a Social Media Agency

Social media agencies can help propel your business to new heights, reaching a new audience of people ready to make a purchase. So, when looking for a social media agency to work with, it’s important that you find a team that has experience, expertise, solid

Great Tips to Kick Start Your Content in 2023 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ready to give your social media content a refresh in 2023? The new year is the perfect time to try something new. So in our infographic, we’ve got five of our best tips for creating stunning, shareable content on all your social media channels. Check

Colour Psychology in Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The colours you use in your brand convey a whole range of thoughts, feelings and emotions to your target customers before they’ve even interacted with it. For example, our brains see red as an adventurous and passionate colour, which is why brands like YouTube, Tinder,

Why is Social Media So Good for PR?

Have you ever wondered why Social Media is so good for PR? Social Media is not just about TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. These are three of the most popular platforms. However, the amount of social network sites and tools are endless. Social media exudes a