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Tips for Instagram Marketing

instagram marketing mistakes

The 9 Deadly Instagram Marketing Mistakes [INFOGRAPHIC]

It feels like every day there are changes to Instagram’s mystical algorithm which means us marketers have to find new and innovative ways of using the platform. However, whilst the algorithm changes on an almost daily basis, there are a few universal things that NEED
how to set up an instagram shop

How To Set Up Instagram Shop

Are you ready to set up an Instagram Shop, but aren’t sure how? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! In this guide, you’ll learn how Instagram Shops can help your businesses reach more customers, and discover the best methods of creating one for your
how to get views on an instagram

How to Get Instagram Story Views

If you’ve found yourself reading this article, you likely want to know how to get more views on your Instagram story. And with so many businesses using the platform to promote themselves, you’re not alone. The good news is that, here at Giraffe, we’re experts
sponsoring instagram posts

Sponsoring Instagram Posts: Our Top Tips

Sponsoring Instagram posts is one of the best ways to grow and promote your business. Its focus on visual elements makes it different to other social platforms, so it stands apart from the rest. Instagram for Business boasts many useful features such as access to

Creating Brand Consistency on Instagram

Consistency is key when it comes to building your business. So what is Brand Consistency? Brand consistency is defined as the expression that affects the way people think about your business. The more consistent your communication with your audience, the more consistent your branding is.
How to choose the best link in bio tool for Instagram

How to Choose the Best Link in Bio Tool for Instagram

Your brand’s Instagram bio is one of the first elements users will see when they click on your profile. As Instagram doesn’t allow links in post captions, the profile website link you include is extremely important in directing users where you want them to go.
ten ways to refresh your instagram marketing strategy

10 Ways to Refresh Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Is your Instagram looking repetitive and tired? Are you struggling to come up with new ideas for your Instagram marketing strategy? Instagram marketing is fast-paced, especially as more new features are released, and changing your strategy is essential to stay relevant on the platform. But