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YouTube Marketing Resources

Video Apps to Create Better Social Media Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

At Giraffe, we’re no strangers to creating stunning video content! From simple animations appearing on our clients’ social media accounts, to full-scale webinar highlight reels, we’re used to getting stuck into the nitty-gritty of video editing. And we’re well aware that not everyone has the

What copyright issues are there when uploading to YouTube?

  Who could have predicted at the launch of You Tube in 2005 that just 8 years later an estimated 72hours worth of video would be uploaded EVERY MINUTE to the social media site? Now granted, 30 hours of that are taken up with people

How it Works: YouTube Partner Programme

Over the last few years YouTube has evolved itself into the social networking channel that we knew it would become. Both small and large businesses uploading advertising material and messages has contributed to its huge growth. In 2012, YouTube opened its Partner Programme to all