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Tips for Pinterest Marketing

pinterest marketing

Pinterest Marketing: The Giraffe Guide

Welcome to the Giraffe Guide to Pinterest Marketing. Here, you’ll learn how the popular visual discovery platform that has transformed the way people find inspiration, ideas, and products online, works for brands. At Giraffe, we have plenty of experience in using Pinterest to help our
Pinterest Traffic: How to Get More Clicks From Pinterest

Pinterest Traffic: How to Get More Clicks From Pinterest

Are you looking for ways to generate Pinterest traffic? This guide will show you exactly how! Pinterest is a social media platform that’s often overlooked when it comes to marketing. However, with over 250 million active users per month, Pinterest is a goldmine for businesses

Five Essential Pinterest Metrics to Track [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pinterest is the (not so) hidden gem of digital marketing, and in 2022, the power of this simple, easy-to-use platform cannot be ignored. For those new to Pinterest marketing, it’s not immediately clear which metrics should be tracked, and how success should be measured when

Easy Ways to Use Pinterest to Build your Business

Pinterest is a social media site with a difference. A cross between a giant visual search engine and a digital pinboard, it has the power to take your company to the next level. But why, and how, should you use Pinterest to build your business?

Is Pinterest Right For Your business?

Editors note: Since this article was published there have been significant developments to the capabilities of social networks. Alongside this, other networks such as Snapchat and Instagram have also become far more viable marketing avenues. The key to get going well is to centralise your efforts around

How to get more interest to your Pinterest?

  Unless you’re having a seriously committed go at dieting, a slice of cake, warm pudding or pastry, maybe even all three, is a wonderful thing to have once in a while. It’s even better if you buy it from an independent baker or retailer,

Pinning your Business on Pinterest.

  Pinterest is a social media scrapbooking website used to create boards filled with everything from crafting inspiration to recipes to your dream vacations. While it may seem tricky as to how a business could actually use this to their benefit, it has become a

Social Networks Explained: Pinterest

  Photo sharing network Pinterest originally began development in 2009. Co-founded by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silberman, the network was designed with the concept of a platform where users can upload, sort and share images. Pinterest is a site where users can upload and share