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Is Pinterest Right For Your business?

Editors note: Since this article was published there have been significant developments to the capabilities of social networks. Alongside this, other networks such as Snapchat and Instagram have also become far more viable marketing avenues. The key to get going well is to centralise your efforts around one or two networks. While Pinterest is still a contender, other networks will often be more suitable… – check out our newer articles for more information. 

Pinterest is a website based around inspiration. It is a place where millions of users go to inspire and be inspired themselves. The site gives its user a virtual board where they ‘pin’ what interests them onto it and into categories personalised by the user. Pinterest is so popular that almost anything can be searched and still lead to a rich source of useful posts.

The development of Pinterest began in 2009 with the intention of creating a website where the users could combine their minds with interests, hobbies and ideas. It is up there with many other creative sites such as Tumblr. The site is home to many aspiring writers, designers, cooking enthusiasts, makeup and hair artists. You name it, Pinterest has got it – and with such a mix of different people in one place it is a great way for businesses to find inspiration and new ideas.

This diverse user-base means that it can be used for almost any business and not only for inspiration, but also to promote a company itself. Whether your business is budding or in its prime it is never too late to start using Pinterest to your advantage. What could be better than someone finding your cupcake company when they search the word “baking’’. Struggling to design your website? What could get the creative juices flowing more than looking at other people’s web designs on Pinterest?

This unique website is just another side of the internet that can be used to help your business get started, grow or even re-invent itself.

Even though it can be great for anyone there are a certain things that Pinterest will be better for than others. For example, anyone with a business that leans on the creative side of things could use the website to see what others similar to them are doing. Also any promising photographers could use Pinterest to improve and expand their craft. A graphic designer could use the website to inspire them on what to create next. The possibilities are endless when it comes to something like this. However, Pinterest is not so suitable for a less visual company, although this could inspire you to work harder and become more creative in making your company more visual to meet with the demands of Pinterest.

Pinterest is a very individual social network and can be used not only to help with business ideas but to tap into a wide audience that is interested in what you have to post. I would advise anyone with their own business to give Pinterest a try as they may find something they didn’t know they needed. They may find that their target market is a lot different or wider than they thought. It is a place to truly get to know your audience, and with it taking as little as 45 seconds to start up, there is no excuse not to give it a try.

By content assistant – Liam Parker

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