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What is Social Media Management? A Quick Start Guide

We are surely all aware, by now, of what social media is. It has ushered in a new age of digital connection, networking and socialising; a technological revolution if you like. Social media may have initially been about the ability to connect quickly and cheaply with friends online, but has since developed into the optimum marketing platform, allowing businesses the opportunity to communicate a message with millions all over the world, at the click of a button…

Management is a concept we should all understand. It is the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. Where social media management is concerned, these ‘things’ are the many social networks available. In short, we at Giraffe are experts on hand to manage these social networks for companies who don’t necessarily have the time or staff to do so themselves.

There’s more to social media management than responding to comments…

There is way more to social media management than sitting on Facebook all day chatting to old school chums. At Giraffe we have to understand the various elements that turn a business into a recognisable brand that must be voiced through social media. Effective social media management will not only help increase sales through marketing tactics, but it can help build a healthy relationship with consumers through public relations strategies.

Social media management also helps to solidify your SEO by encouraging a steady stream of hits and referrals – this is why it is essential to not segregate your social media. By creating links between a company blog and your company website, social media will drive traffic to the blog, which can then direct people to your website – one incredibly beneficial pathway for SEO. Reasoning for this is that a blog could contain countless articles that simply take on an angle that is relevant to your business. As long as you keep creative, yet focused, on a company blog, then your online content should see staggering statistics of views and clicks.

It has already been touched-on of how it is important to combine your ways of connecting with your demographic.  Good social media management will find ways for you to link your various social networks. Much like on-site SEO tactics, this will drive visitors from one social media platform to another and potentially to the company website, which should theoretically score a customer.

Overall, social media management is about engagement. Whether Giraffe or yourself do it, is your own choice. However, the professionals know what’s out there and how to entice the billions of eyes into clicking onto your page. By keeping consumers interested and active, they will hopefully respond positively to your social media strategies.

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By content manager – Astrid Hall – @AstridGiraffeSM

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