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Should You Consider Snapchat For Your Business?


Since its creation as an iOS­only app called Picaboo, Snapchat has evolved into one of the most popular social networks for younger people. However, its popularity has always been somewhat tarred where businesses are concerned because of its slightly risqué history. Is it finally time for you to consider using it to market your business?

With such a wide variety of social networks around, businesses are now in a very interesting position where digital marketing is concerned. In the past the digital path to the consumer was far less complicated. Nowadays there is such a broad variety of possibilities that a huge amount of consideration has to go into where a company’s audience is located. Alongside this, each network has its own parameters surrounding the type of content that can be posted ­ and not all content is suitable for reaching all users.

The first thing to consider where Snapchat is concerned is whether the user base is going to be a good fit for your audience profile. There’s no use hashing out potential content unless it is clear that it could actually reach the consumer.

Who uses Snapchat and who could it be useful for?

Snapchat’s user base is predominantly younger. According to Statistica around 52% of active logged in users occupy the 16­24 age range, and 35% of the remainder are under 34. Therefore it would be a good idea to deduce that perhaps the network is only really suitable for businesses looking to market to Millennial users.

The style of content that you share on the network would depend entirely on the kind of story that you want to purvey to your audience. However a big case can be made for the power of transmedia storytelling for brands who want to reach a younger audience. Therefore it would be a good idea to consider how your Snapchat content could play into your broader media brand story.

If the Snapchat user base is right for your brand, here are some reasons why it’s worth considering marketing on the network…

Simply target your campaigns

Snapchat allows you to simply target your campaigns to reach your audience. Although they aren’t as advanced as other social networks, tools like Geofilters allow you to send your promotion to users close to your business.

Your audience is already incredibly mobile

We’re all well aware of the importance of mobile amongst all user bases now. For Millennial users and younger users, that mobile is even more important. Using Snapchat could allow you to reach your audience on their device of preference, streamlining your brand story.

Video content is very engaging

Snapchat was made for video content. This is a style of content that naturally receives a tonne of engagement from users. Unlike other social networks where ads may be resized to fit into a newsfeed, Snapchat is a network that your videos can shine on.

The finite nature of content

Because Snapchat content is finite by nature, this can be incredibly useful when marketing promotions. You can use your videos to boost sales by providing access to exclusive, limited offers to your followers ­ a great sell to get building your audience.

If the user base is a good fit for your audience, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider Snapchat for your business. Can you really afford to overlook one of the fastest growing networks out there?

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