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Pinning your Business on Pinterest.


Pinterest is a social media scrapbooking website used to create boards filled with everything from crafting inspiration to recipes to your dream vacations.

While it may seem tricky as to how a business could actually use this to their benefit, it has become a valuable way to connect with potential clients and promote products.

Whether you’re looking to push product sales or not, just being active on Pinterest can improve your business’ SEO value.

Pinterest isn’t normally the first social media site you would consider for your business, but it has a great reputation for creating traffic both on the site and to other sites (including your business).

On average, Pinterest generates four times more revenue per click than Twitter, and 27% more per click than Facebook.

Consumers on Pinterest are known to spend more money through the site compared to any other social media site and a little less than 50% of online consumers make purchases based on recommendations from the site.

Pinterest even has it’s own platform for businesses to sign up and special tools displaying analytics and showing you the most successful ways to utilise the platform.

With 70 million users, this is definitely a tool you need to be using and there are easy ways you can start to incorporate it into your business.

One of the main features that come with Pinterest is the ability for consumers to ‘pin’ things from other websites to their boards. This is done conveniently through ‘pin it’ widgets that are placed on your site.

Place a Pinterest button next to where you’ve got Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons to promote the sharing of your content there as well.

Next, when creating your own Pinterest boards it is really important to make sure they are tailored specifically to the content relating to your business. Then when people search these categories or topics it will make them easier to find.

Then from the profile you can follow other similar businesses or consumers who show interests that relate to your business.

For an added way to make your business known, when it makes sense it is worth branding the photos you upload. By placing a small logo in the corner of your photos, you are guaranteed that consumers viewing your pins will remember your name.

As with any social media it is important that you are constantly engaging with the consumers and providing them with more content. Consumers like to see that a company has an active voice on social media and don’t just have a computerized voice spamming about products and services.

With this active voice there should be a balance of the creation of your own content and sharing of other businesses relevant information and resources.

Sharing from reliable and related sources will allow them to notice and share your content as well and keep your followers interested.

Pinterest is the next social media site you need to look at for your business if you’ve already got a strong voice on Twitter and Facebook. It is a great way to get your brand out to a whole new audience and get more people sharing and promoting your business for you.

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Content Assistant – Taylor Fleischner

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