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Get FIT quick! 10 top Fitness apps.

Nike+ Running:

Nike+ Running is a health and fitness app developed by Nike Inc.. This app will accurately record distance, pace and time and it can also be linked to your Facebook account where users can share their run stats with friends online. Also if a user is lacking some motivation they can receive in-ear ‘cheering’ from their friends on Facebook. As you would expect from application developed by Nike, this is app has a slick UI and works very well. A great first choice for any users looking for a good free running app and it’s available on both Android and iOS.

Zombies, Run!

Need motivation to run? Well there isn’t anything more motivating than running for your life from a pack of flesh eating zombies! Zombies, Run! Is a great app that turns your daily workout into a game of survival. Users choose if they want to walk, jog or run and as they go they will have to pick up items and supplies so they can build their base for protection, and of course, once they hear the zombies, the user will have to increase their pace in order to escape! This is a great app for anyone who wants to get more active in a more entertaining fashion. Also available to download on Android and iOS.

Instant Heart Rate:

Instant Heart Rate is a great app for any users who want to monitor their heart rate without having to purchase a heart rate monitor. You will have to enter some personal information such as age and gender, then, by placing your finger over the smartphone camera lens the app is able to accurately detect your heart rate. Another app that is available to download on Android and iOS

iMuscle 2:

iMuscle 2 is one of the premier virtual fitness training apps available right now. This app lets users explore all the muscles of the body on a 3D diagram. By touching any individual muscle group they can view primary and secondary stretches for that muscle area. The app includes high quality 3D animations of how to do every exercise that is detailed in the app. Users can save these different exercises to create personalised workout plans and they can also use the app to keep track of their workouts and the progress. Unforetunatly, the app is only available to download on iOS.

Pocket Yoga:

Yoga; when performed properly and regularly it can be a great form of exercise. One that many people might not consider when they are trying to get fit, active and possibly even drop a dress size. Pocket Yoga is a great companion for anyone who wants to start this unique form of exercise. Users can select difficulty, duration and practice, the app will then guide users through the different poses
using vocal instructions and visual animations. This app is available on Android and iOS.

Charity Miles

Want to become a sponsored athlete? Charity Miles is a great application that allows users to earn money for charity simply by working out. First of all, users choose the charity they want to raise money for and then the app will monitor the distance that the user covers by either walking, running or cycling. Users will earn sponsorship money for every mile they travel, then the sponsorship is provided by Charity Miles’ corporate partners. This added feel good factor of knowing you’re helping charity should be just the right amount of motivation for you to get out and exercise even more!  The app is available on Android and iOS

Calories Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one the most popular calorie counting fitness apps available on the app store. MyFitnessPal is linked to the MyFitnessPal website; as a result, all of the website community features are available to users of the app. You must first enter some of their basic information such as age, gender, height, weight etc. It will ask users if they are trying to lose weight and if so, how much. The app then breaks down this weight loss goal into manageable healthy weight loss targets. It also takes into account what exercise the user is doing during the week.

The main interface of the app is a summary page where calories that have been consumed by the user and the number of calories left for the day are displayed. Food entries can be done by scanning the bar code or by entering the food in text. This is the perfect app for anyone trying to take control of the amount calories they are consuming. The app is available on Android and iOS.

Runtastic Pedometer:

Runtastic is a great pedometer app that allows you to track how many steps you are taking a day. Whether you just want to keep track of your current amount of steps or set yourself a goal that you can work towards daily. This app caters for all sorts of users. It works equally well if your smartphone is in your pocket, bag, purse or jacket and users are able to share their activity with friends on Facebook and Twitter. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

Diet Point:

For anyone trying to get more active and healthy they will know that more than half the battle is your diet but for the busier people, spending your day planning your meals and shopping list is not top on the list of priorities. That is where this app takes over. You can choose a diet plan by your age, gender, lifestyle and so on. The app then prepares a shopping list for you, instructs you on how to prepare your meals and it will also create a meal plan that will remind you when you need to eat. This great app is free but you will have to pay for the meal plans and is available on Android and iOS.

MapMyRun+ GPS

For anyone who is serious about walking or running then Map My Run is a must-have app. This app lets users track all their workouts and workout routes and will help to motivate you to get into shape and all you have to do is sign up for a MapMyRun account. The app home screen will let you see recent workout activity and routes you have logged. Users can also look up routes that have been

By Content Assistant – Cian Egan – @NotTooCian

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