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human-first marketing

Introducing Human-First Marketing

Recognising the presence of a new era of marketing that demands authenticity we are launching our new approach to social media marketing, an approach we are calling human-first marketing. it all begins with humans… When you strip everything back, businesses are simply one group of

Urgent Advisory: Giraffe Social Impersonation in Recruitment Scams

We’ve become aware that certain individuals or groups are falsely claiming to represent Giraffe Social in recruitment-related scams. These malicious actors are approaching unsuspecting job candidates across platforms such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and more, attempting to exploit them under our name. We wish to assert
giraffe social climate action workforce

Giraffe officially recognised as Climate Action Workforce

In an age where the environment’s well-being is at the forefront of global discussions, companies worldwide are recognising their role in creating a sustainable future. At Giraffe Social Media, we’re thrilled to announce a significant stride in this direction – we are now officially recognised
giraffe living wage

Giraffe becomes an accredited Living Wage Employer

We are delighted to announce that Giraffe Social Media is now an accredited Living Wage Employer. This means that every member of staff working for Giraffe will earn a real Living Wage, and will continue to, as the rate is updated every year. The real Living
what to look for in a social media agency

What to Look for in a Social Media Agency

Social media agencies can help propel your business to new heights, reaching a new audience of people ready to make a purchase. So, when looking for a social media agency to work with, it’s important that you find a team that has experience, expertise, solid

Three Cheers for Sprout Social Partner of the Year!

2020 was definitely a year that challenged us all, with very little ups and a fair amount of downs. It definitely felt like we were living through an extended episode of The Walking Dead at times.  But through all the derelict and difficulty, we as
Announcing the Giraffe Social Media Podcast

Announcing the Giraffe Social Media Podcast

As we’re known as ‘The Social Specialists’, we decided it was time to share our extensive social media knowledge with the world. We’re pleased to announce we’re now fully-fledged Podcasters – the Giraffe Social Media Podcast is here! Launched on Monday 17th of August 2020
Social Media Marketing

The OG of Social Media Marketing

A lot happened in 2012. The world didn’t end, Windows 8 was created, they invented the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset and Carly Rae Jepsen told us to call her…maybe. However, the most important creation of 2012, for us anyway, was Giraffe Social Media –
World Giraffe Social Media Day

World Giraffe (Social Media) Day

Today is World Giraffe Day and it’s time to move aside my tall, orange friends for we are claiming the national holiday for ourselves. I mean if two of us stand on top of each other, we are basically the same height as a giraffe.