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human-first marketing

Introducing Human-First Marketing

Recognising the presence of a new era of marketing that demands authenticity we are launching our new approach to social media marketing, an approach we are calling human-first marketing.

it all begins with humans...

When you strip everything back, businesses are simply one group of humans looking to provide value to another group of humans. Between branding, logos, customer avatars and consumer data this can (and does) get easily lost. Human-first marketing is about getting back to basics; understanding who you are and who your customers are.

It is about creating increasingly more personal experiences for customers; shifting the focus from transactions to interactions. It's about being audience first when it comes to create social media content strategies and seeking genuine connections with your customers. It's about celebrating and engaging your team with your marketing, and executive teams stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight. It's about authenticity.

how did we get here?

Before we go forward, we must first understand how we've reached this potential new era of marketing. I believe there to be three main factors that have triggered this change in consumer expectation and preference. They are; advertising saturation, pandemic created authenticity and corporate distrust. Let's dig into each.

Advertising Saturation
Ever since the birth of mass marketing in the 1950s, there has been a steady ramp up of the amount of advertising we encounter on a daily basis. A study a few years back reached the conclusion that the average American will encounter 362 ads per day; but only be able to recall 12 of them. The evidence is clear; we have burned out our audience. To compete in this world of omnipresent, brands are spending bigger budgets and battling harder and harder to stand out. Whilst this approach isn't entirely futile; it's an expensive and increasingly difficult approach. The average consumer is desensitised, and in some cases just entirely indifferent to advertising.

Pandemic Created Authenticity
During the pandemic, brands were forced to adopt what we might now refer to as a 'lo-fi content' approach. Essentially, everyone was stuck at home with minimal equipment, but the social media world kept spinning - so we all got creative (and a little less fussy!). We filmed on our phone, we put up with bad lighting and sound. However, something strange happened. Consumers seemed to actually like, dare I say, prefer this approach to content creation. It felt real, raw and authentic. Since the pandemic, we have seen this trend continue and brands everywhere are now looking to increase the authenticity of their content - leading to working with UGC creators and influencers.

Corporate Distrust
Distrust in businesses, government and media is at an all-time low. The Edelman Trust Barometer is showing a continued distrust and as a result we have a cynical and suspicious consumer. On top of this, consumers have never been more intelligent and curious. We care about who we buy our product from, how they treat their staff and suppliers, where they source their ingredients from, and so on. We need to demonstrate increased levels of transparency and authenticity on social media to ensure we're forging genuine connections with our customers.

statistics that drive our human-first approach

- 70% of consumers report feeling more connected when a brand’s CEO is active on social.
- 72% of consumers report feeling more connected when a brand’s employees share information about the brand online.
- 80% of consumers reported being more inclined to do business with an organisation that delivers tailored experiences and 90% saying personalisation is desirable.
- 84% of consumers believe that a company’s reputation is influenced by the personal brands of its employees.
- 45% of decision makers use thought leadership content to vet organisations they may do business with.
- Content shared by employees receives on average 8 times more engagement that content shared by brand channels.
- Leads developed through employees’ social media activities converts 7 times more frequently than other leads.

what are our focuses as a human-first social agency?

We have already seen the trend in the past 12 months of more brands acknowledging the need to increase authenticity and be human-first with their approach to social media. Whether this be increasing team focused content, creating personalised customer experiences or managing the personal brands of executive teams. Here are the areas we will be focusing on with our clients.

Putting Authenticity at the Forefront
Step out from behind the brand and connect, human to human. We will champion authenticity, encouraging brands to engage openly and honestly with their audience. Our approach is to demystify the corporate façade, facilitating genuine interactions that build trust and loyalty. Let's embrace transparency, showing the real people behind the innovations and services, and make every conversation count.

Deepening Customer Connections
Transform customer interactions into personalised experiences. Our strategies are crafted to understand and meet your audience's unique needs and preferences, making every touchpoint more relevant and impactful. By tailoring content and communication, we not only enhance customer satisfaction but also foster a sense of belonging and community around your brand.

Spotlight on Leadership & Team Members
Elevate your C-suite and wider team with personal branding that resonates. Showcasing the faces and stories behind your leadership team not only humanises your brand but also positions your executives as thought leaders and industry influencers. Through strategic personal branding, we highlight their expertise, insights, and the vision driving your company forward, creating a stronger, more relatable presence across all social media platforms.

If you’ve been searching for a way to stand-out in an ever more competitive advertising landscape, we’d love to discuss our human-first approach to social media marketing and see if we can help you achieve exceptional results whilst putting people first.