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Author: Phil Treagus-Evans

human-first marketing

Introducing Human-First Marketing

Recognising the presence of a new era of marketing that demands authenticity we are launching our new approach to social media marketing, an approach we are calling human-first marketing. it all begins with humans… When you strip everything back, businesses are simply one group of
elevating customer experiences with personalisation in e-commerce

Personalisation: Elevating Customer Experiences in E-commerce

In this article, we explore the concept of personalisation in e-commerce, which involves tailoring customer experiences to individual preferences and needs, and we delve into its pivotal role in reshaping the digital shopping landscape for larger brands. Introduction to Personalisation in E-commerce As a social

Urgent Advisory: Giraffe Social Impersonation in Recruitment Scams

We’ve become aware that certain individuals or groups are falsely claiming to represent Giraffe Social in recruitment-related scams. These malicious actors are approaching unsuspecting job candidates across platforms such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and more, attempting to exploit them under our name. We wish to assert
social media marketing services - giraffe social

Unveiling Our New Identity: Giraffe Social

In eleven transformative years, Giraffe Social Media has evolved from a fledgling startup to a leader in the social media marketing landscape. As we navigated through the complexities and the ever-changing dynamics of digital marketing, our identity has matured, mirroring our growth and our ever-deepening