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Urgent Advisory: Giraffe Social Impersonation in Recruitment Scams

We’ve become aware that certain individuals or groups are falsely claiming to represent Giraffe Social in recruitment-related scams. These malicious actors are approaching unsuspecting job candidates across platforms such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and more, attempting to exploit them under our name. We wish to assert that these are not legitimate communications from our team, and we are taking measures to address this.

To all potential candidates and job seekers: It’s imperative to be vigilant and recognise the deceptive nature of these schemes. These misleading emails and messages often pose as enticing job offers, with the core intention of gaining unauthorised access to your personal or financial data.

Spotting a Scam: Key Indicators

  • Messages from unfamiliar sources, especially from generic email domains like Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Requests for personal details, such as CVs, or demands for upfront payments.
  • Job offers with “too good to be true” perks or compensations.
  • Job offers that offer renumeration in any form of digital or crypto currency.
  • Positions that don’t resonate with the standard services provided by Giraffe Social.
  • Suspicious links or attachments in messages. Steer clear from clicking or downloading.

Steps to Ensure Your Safety:

  • Do not entertain or respond to dubious requests.
  • Treat messages from unknown senders with skepticism.
  • Withhold personal data from unrecognised or unverified contacts.
  • Report questionable senders to the platform they reached out from, be it LinkedIn, WhatsApp, or others.

Please know that Giraffe Social’s recruitment process is transparent and professional. We will never request fees or payments for job prospects. Should you receive questionable messages purporting to be on behalf of Giraffe Social, kindly block the sender and report the incident. Your safety and trust are paramount to us.