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Social Media News Roundup September 2023

The days are getting darker, the temperature is dropping and the weather is unpredictable, but one thing you can depend on is our monthly social media news update. So sit back and take five to read our latest updates below.

X tests expanded profile bio section to provide more user context

First up in social media news, X is testing an expanded profile bio section allowing users to provide more information about themselves or their business. This change is being made to provide users with more context about the people they are interacting with and to help businesses reach a wider audience.

As you can see in the post shared by  X News Daily, the expanded bio section will include space for users to list their interests, skills, and experience. Users can also add links to their website or social media profiles. This additional information will help users to connect with others who share their interests and to learn more about the businesses they are interested in.

The move is part of a larger trend by X to incorporate more long-form content into the app. This trend is being driven by the fact that users are increasingly consuming content on their mobile devices. X is hoping that the change will encourage users to spend more time on the app and engage with other users in a more meaningful way.

This is currently being tested by a small group of users. If the test is successful, it will no doubt be rolled out to all users in the coming months.

Here are some potential benefits it could bring:

  • More connections and followers: The expanded bio section will allow users to provide more information about themselves and their interests. This could lead to more connections and followers, as users are more likely to connect with others who share their interests.
  • A more informed user base: The expanded bio section will allow users to learn more about the people and businesses they are interacting with. This could lead to a more informed user base, as users are better able to assess the credibility of the information they are seeing.
  • More opportunities for businesses: The expanded bio section will allow businesses to reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers who are interested in their products or services.
  • A more engaging user experience: The expanded bio section could lead to a more engaging user experience, as users are more likely to interact with content that is relevant to their interests.

Overall, the expanded profile bio section is a positive change that is likely to benefit both users and businesses. It will allow users to provide more information about themselves and their interests, to learn more about the people and businesses they are interacting with, and to connect with others who share their interests.

Facebook Rebrands with New Logo and Colour Palette

In other social media news, Facebook has unveiled a new logo and colour palette. The new logo is a deeper shade of blue and slightly bigger, and the colours are more vibrant and accessible. The goal of the rebrand is to foster effortless exploration and connection.

As per Meta:

“As we continue our evolution as an app and a brand, we’re excited to launch the first phase of a refreshed identity system for Facebook, with a focus on fostering effortless, self-initiated exploration and connection across every touchpoint.”

Are you getting effortless exploration and connection vibes? Neither did we!

The new logo is designed to be more visible and recognizable on different screens and devices. The deeper shade of blue is also more reflective of Facebook’s brand identity, which is rooted in the colour blue.

Meta says that there were three key drivers behind its new design:

  • Elevate the most iconic elements of our brand to create a distinctive, refreshed Facebook.
  • Unify how the Facebook brand comes to life across product-to-marketing experiences.
  • Create an expansive set of colours — anchored in our core blue — that is comprehensive and vibrant, and also designed to be more accessible for people.

The accessibility element is the only real point of value here, with the new Facebook logo now taking on a more solid, and comprehensible feel.

So no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, the logo has changed, but what do you think of the new design? It’s nice to see a fresh design language change in our eyes, but maybe spare us the verbose explanations next time Facebook.

TikTok Creative Assistant: A New AI-Powered Tool to Help You Create TikTok Ads

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 1 billion active users. It’s also a great platform for businesses to reach their target audience. But creating TikTok ads can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the platform.

That’s where TikTok Creative Assistant comes in. TikTok Creative Assistant is a new AI-powered tool that helps marketers create TikTok ads. It provides guidance on TikTok best practices, shows top-performing ads in your niche, and can even produce ad scripts.

As explained by TikTok:

“The latest evolution of creativity and productivity has led us to new paths of innovation. We’ve been working on a model that allows you to converse and collaborate when creating for TikTok. It draws information from a wealth of TikTok-focused creative knowledge, providing you with the most relevant responses for when you’re creating ads or videos for TikTok.”

TikTok’s Creative Assistant will be able to guide you through TikTok’s best practices and advise you on how to get started, while it’ll also be able to show you top-performing ads in your niche.

TikTok says that its new Creative Centre tool is now available to all users who are logged into TikTok Creative Centre. You’ll be able to access the interface by tapping on the icon in the top right of the screen.

It could be worth checking out, and seeing what types of information are available to help improve your TikTok marketing process, or you could just hire our experts at Giraffe of course!

Stay dialled into Giraffe for all your social media marketing expertise and creative ideas, we will be back next month, in the meantime you can check out our hub of social media marketing insights, designed to help you improve every aspect of your social media presence.