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Tips for Twitter Marketing

How to Create a Great Twitter Thread

How to Create a Great Twitter Thread

In the past, Twitter had built up an image of being the fast-paced social media platform, filled with short and snappy Tweets. The move from the 140-character limit up to 280 characters back in 2017 was met with caution from many creators, and glee from

Improve your Hashtags with Google Trends

Hashtags: The new-age phrase that links a specific topic to your post. They’re fairly easy to get to grips with, but actually using them in the best way possible can be tough. No one should be #hashtagging #every #word, but how do you know which

Should My Business Be Using Promoted Tweets?

Twitter has often taken the backseat with its tools when it comes to advertising, especially compared to the likes of Facebook and Instagram. However, it seems people have underestimated the social media platform as it has lots of different ways to advertise and promote your
Hashtags on Twitter

Should I Use Hashtags on Twitter?

Hashtags are still a popular way to generate engagement and buzz around your brand. However, since they first entered our social media lives, times have progressed and the amount of characters you’re allowed in a tweet has changed, so how exactly should you be using

Bye Bye Brevity – Twitter’s Move to 280

After testing an increase of characters on some of its users, Twitter have finally made the move to 280, doubling the number of letters and punctuation in a tweet for everyone. All Twitter users have experienced the horror of having the best moment of their

How To Write The Best Tweet Ever

  It may only contain 140 characters, but mastering the art of writing epic tweets is not to be sniffed at. Visualise this; over 500 million tweets are sent every single day – that’s 200 billion per year! So it’s fair to say at this

What Kind of Content is More Likely to get Re-Tweets?

Twitter has quickly become the go-to place for news, information and social interaction. A wide variety of content gets posted; videos, pictures, links and all sorts. But what sort of information is more likely to be shared and what can you include in your tweet

How to get retweets on Twitter

  It’s finally happened, you’re open for business. You want everyone to know, you run outside and yell at the top of your voice. Is that enough? No, but imagine if everyone who heard you began to do the same and so on and so

How to hashtag effectively for your business

‘Hashtagging’ is taking the social media world by storm and is a form of a metadata tag. It all started in 2006 when Twitter was launched. Since then, social media such as Facebook and Instagram, have jumped on the tagging band wagon. It’s important to