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What Kind of Content is More Likely to get Re-Tweets?

Twitter has quickly become the go-to place for news, information and social interaction. A wide variety of content gets posted; videos, pictures, links and all sorts. But what sort of information is more likely to be shared and what can you include in your tweet to gain popularity through the power of the re-tweet?

One of the main things that helps encourage re-tweets is image content. For instance, a piece of news or information that is accompanied by an image relating to itself is more likely to be re-posted by users. People are drawn in by a visual element which can make your tweet stand out within the sea of Twitter. If this picture is then funny or related to something topical, such as a sporting event, it can generate more views when supported with the right hashtags. Hashtags increase the chances of people seeing and then sharing your content.

For instance, on the day of the birth of Prince William’s baby there were two main images doing the rounds on Twitter with a large number of re-tweets; the picture of the baby itself and one with Chelsea captain John Terry photo shopped holding the baby. One serious picture and one funny picture. A simple joke or mention of either of these things wouldn’t have got anywhere near as much attention without the accompanying photo. An image speaks volumes, as it takes less effort to look at a photo than read a message.

Videos and vines

Another form of tweet that gets many shares are videos – in particular, Vines. Many popular Twitter profiles are now based on Vine sharing and they are easily consumed by people due to the nature of their format and how they are shared. A vine is quick and easy to watch smart and creative seven second long videos. The best thing about vines is that they are embedded within a tweet – just like an image. A short vine outlining what a company does can be a great way to promote a company, as it is easily spread as is an engaging and exciting way of illustrating information.

Less popular tweets

Bulky tweets covered in hashtags and spammy scheduled tweets are more likely to push away followers than encourage current ones to share your content. Always bear in mind the focus of your tweet. Is the content too bulky? Does it read well? Are there too many hashtags? It is easier than you may anticipate to make an error in judgement in what makes good content.

A re-tweet can come from anything. Ensure you make your tweet interesting, make it stand out and direct it to the right people.

By content assistant – James Longley – @JamesRLongley

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