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Our Favourite Inanimate Objects on Twitter

Most people will follow their friends, favourite actors and favourite music artists on Twitter. However, did you know there are a variety of inanimate objects tweeting away too? Anything is possible on the Internet.

Some of these accounts haven’t posted in over a year, which makes us question whether inanimate objects having Twitter accounts is just a phase that people can get bored of quickly…

1. Big Ben

The Big Ben Clock could be considered as the grandfather of all inanimate objects to have a Twitter account. The Big Ben has been tweeting for around 5 years now, and has an impressive 439k followers. The accounts exists simply just a joke – as each tweet states the number of bongs each hour to indicate the time.

Big Ben Twitter Bong Bong

2. The Scream Painting

The champion of artistic inanimate objects to have a Twitter account is Edvard Munch’s 1893 work “The Scream” painting. Every tweet posted by the painting consists of “Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!”. However, it does also re-tweet relevant tweets which mention the account. @MunchsTheScream currently has a surprising 4,925 followers!

The Scream on Twitter

3. Tweeting Seat

This post would be incomplete if it didn’t include the tweeting seat. The tweeting seat is an interactive park bench which was created by UK designer Chris McNicholl who studied at the University of Dundee in Scotland. It tweets photos of people who sit on it and also the environment around it.

The Tweeting Seat on Twitter

4. My Toaster (@mytoaster)

Considering that tweets from the toaster consist of just “toasting” and “done toasting” whenever the toaster is used, the account has almost 2,500 followers. The toaster is an ‘Internet of Things‘ project.

MyToaster on Twitter Toasting Done Toasting

5. Natural History Whale

In New York City, the Natural History Museum has a life-size blue whale hanging from the ceiling. This blue whale also appears to be addicted to Twitter.

NatHistoryWhale on Twitter Tweet

6. The Tweeting Bra

The Tweeting Bra is part of a brilliant campaign for breast cancer awareness. When the bra is unclasped it sends out a tweet via the twitter account. Although it sounds like an odd idea, it promotes the need for self-examinations and awareness which is really important.

TweetingBra on Twitter

7. A Photocopier

This photocopier gets a little excitable whenever it copies something that isn’t the norm. It also gets lonely on weekends and is based in someone’s office according to the account’s bio. It also has a cheeky sense of humour and over 1400 followers.

A Photocopier on Twitter

8. Drake’s Knee

Yup, you read that correctly. Drake’s knee has a Twitter account! Each tweet usually consists of freestyle lyrics. The rappers knee has over 6000 followers.

Drake's Knee on Twitter

By Content Assistant – Louise Railton – @LouiseRRailton

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