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At the Water Cooler

what if social networks were christmas films?

What If Social Media Networks Were Christmas Films?

Do you ever wonder which Christmas films each social media network would be? No? Well… we do, so we’re bringing you our list of social media networks as Christmas films. Facebook – It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) Christmas fantasy-drama film It’s A Wonderful Life is
Roald Dahl

In Honour of Roald Dahl Day

In honour of Roald Dahl Day, we asked the team what their favourite book by the incredible author was! Here are their answers: Shelly – George’s Marvellous Medicine I’m going to go with George’s Marvellous Medicine! It’s so funny – poor George is trying to
A Life Without Facebook

A Life Without Facebook: Could You Live It?

In a time where Facebook is under scrutiny for its privacy settings and data leakage and the hashtag ‘#deletefacebook’ is trending on social media platforms, it seems the site may not be as untouchable at its CEO once thought. However, Facebook is so intertwined with

5 Periscope Users To Avoid Unless You Want Serious Wanderlust

If you’re the sort of rugged gadabout who would much rather be exploring distant lands than working in an office, you should avoid this article like the plague. Similarly, if your mouth waters at the thought of unfamiliar spices and exotic ingredients rather than the

Hashtags Say The Funniest Things – 2016 Edition

Since their inception back in 2007, hashtags have become a staple of our social media existence. They allow users to discover and contribute to a rapidly emerging global dialogue simply and instantaneously. And guess what – they can also help make life darn hilarious… While

8 of Google’s Best Worst-kept Secrets

Google has a great history of constantly making mundane searches more interesting. Chances are you already know about quite a few of their “hidden” Easter Eggs. The web-life can start to feel a little bit boring if you spend hours online for work – and

What came first, Social Media or The Internet?

  Social Media has become a phrase that we use all too often nowadays; and it’s no surprise when you consider how it has become intrinsically linked with our day-to-day lives. Like any lasting technological innovation, the concept of Social Media came from humble beginnings

BRB – The Death of a Social Messaging Acronym

  We all remember the acronym BRB. It’s one of the more polite abbreviations in the world of social messaging, a way of respectfully letting the person you’re chatting to know that you’ll be momentarily taking time out of communication to do something else. Well, it is

10 Celebrities You Should Be Following On Twitter

  Upon its inception, Twitter became a popular place for celebrities to hang out and so millions of people signed up with the intention of following them and feeling that little bit closer to their favourite star… The one issue where a lot of celebrity accounts

Our Favourite Inanimate Objects on Twitter

Most people will follow their friends, favourite actors and favourite music artists on Twitter. However, did you know there are a variety of inanimate objects tweeting away too? Anything is possible on the Internet. Some of these accounts haven’t posted in over a year, which