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A Life Without Facebook

A Life Without Facebook: Could You Live It?

In a time where Facebook is under scrutiny for its privacy settings and data leakage and the hashtag ‘#deletefacebook’ is trending on social media platforms, it seems the site may not be as untouchable at its CEO once thought.

However, Facebook is so intertwined with our daily lives that living without the social media site would alter our reality completely. Do you think you could give up Facebook, even after it changed the world?

Instant Connection

It changed the way we communicate. We can talk to anyone in the world – as long as they have a Facebook profile. Over one billion people use the social site daily and even with Facebook’s late bad press, it’s unlikely boycotting the site will affect the success of the company. Facebook has changed so many aspects of our lives, it’s hard to imagine a future without it. 21st birthday party coming up? Make an event. Starting a new business? Create a page and invite all your friends to like it. Have an interest and want to talk to people about it? Start or join a group. Facebook have even created a Gumtree-esque feature that allows people to buy furniture and goods from other users. It constantly creates new features and updates that mean eventually you won’t even have to leave the app to watch or create videos, shop for your home or receive news on your commute to work.

Photo Evidence

Facebook changed the way we share photos, information and status updates on our lives. The social media site allows us to share our relationship status, how we’re feeling and upload videos of what we’ve achieved or done.

Facebook added a whole new meaning to the words photo album. Now we can look back at our memories all in one digital place, without the risk of losing or misplacing our precious pictures. If you gave up Facebook, how would you be able to see photos of you uploaded from your friends’ accounts? I mean, you could go to their house and ask to see the photos, but who wants to leave their home on a rainy, Sunday morning? Also, there’s no presence to report that horrid photo of you from the night before to Facebook anymore – it’s right out there for everyone to see.

Business Bonuses

Facebook has helped businesses as well as it’s helped people. It’s taken brands to new levels with its advertising tools and has helped companies to get their products and services out into the world. Deactivating your Facebook may make you miss out on new memes, but more importantly will definitely hinder your online shopping experience – plus, who doesn’t love a carousel ad?

Get Your News Here!

Facebook has changed the way we receive content and news. We get most of our worldly knowledge and news through the social media site. Although it has contributed to negative things such as fake news and phishing articles, Facebook has made it its mission to inform people with facts and make relevant articles by legitimate publishers more likely to appear on top of your news feed.

The Future of Facebook?

The next generation will grow up with Facebook as their number one communication source with friends and family.  They will see videos of themselves growing up and film their own children as they take their first steps or say their first word. It’ll be interesting to see where Facebook takes us next; we can only hope it’s an upward journey from here.