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Social Media News Roundup: April ’18 Week 2

In social media news this week, LinkedIn gets a new profile layout, Snapchat helps advertisers and brands looking to sell, Boomerang makes it to Facebook Camera and Gmail goes full spy mode.
New LinkedIn, Who This?

LinkedIn has had a bit of a makeover – in new hairstyle terms, it’s had a few inches off – noticeable, but no drastic changes. The social site has updates users’ profile layouts so that their information and connections are easier to see. Now when you open your profile, you will be able to see your education, where you are employed and how your contact information at the top. Users will also notice that their profile pictures and name have been moved to the left too.

Snapchat That Item Right Up!

Snapchat have jumped on the marketing bandwagon this week with their new Shoppable AR. Three years ago, they introduced Sponsored Lenses, which allowed brands to create their own filters. However, now the app has stepped it up a gear. The new feature will allow advertisers to add buttons to the sponsored lenses that direct them to the brand’s chosen website. The buttons can also redirect users to specific products or apps. Snapchat are hoping that the Shoppable AR feature will make the advertising to buying process a little less clunky with a button that can take a user straight through to a product or video. This sounds strangely familiar don’t you think, Instagram?

Boomerang Isn’t Bouncing Back

Boomerang doesn’t seem to be coming back to the same place. Instagram’s Boomerang feature – originally an app you had to install – is being taken further afield in the world of social media sites. Facebook Camera is set to pick up the looping video effect for its own platform and add 3D drawing tools to it too. It seems more and more features are overlapping between Facebook and Instagram and this bouncing one is set to be rolled out in the next few weeks.

The Name’s Mail…Gmail

Although the days of risky email sending are a distant memory, Google have still got your backs. The new Gmail redesign allows users to set expiry dates for their emails, meaning that when the expiration date has passed, whoever received your mail won’t be able to read it from that time forward. Gmail users can also select a mode that prohibits the email from being forwarded or even printed and the recipient has to confirm their identity with a code…007 – just kidding.

Google…forever making confidentiality cool.