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Social Media News Roundup: April ’18 Week 3

In social media news this week, Snapchat becomes a foodie, Instagram turns its focus to new camera features, Pinterest updates profile layouts and Facebook tests new features for their Stories.
Snapchat is on the Menu

Snapchat is working with restaurants to create an augmented reality menu, which is definitely a step up from the app’s other features. Individuals in restaurants will be able to use Lenses to see a dish on the menu before they order it. Food lovers everywhere could easily snap their favourite, expensive meal, without even paying…or eating it. It’s a quirky novelty and will definitely save waiters and waitresses from answering FAQs on the restaurant’s dishes. Diners also can’t argue that the dish wasn’t what they thought it was going to be, because they have seen it before ordering. It all works through a Snapcode and is set to change the food and virtual reality industry.

Focus on Instagram

Instagram has added to its camera this week with the new ‘Focus’ feature, which lets you focus on someone’s face while taking a photo and blurs out the background. The new camera feature also lets you use it while videoing too. It has the same editing tools after you’re ready to upload it, which means you can add filters and text to the post as well.

New Profiles for Pinterest

Pinterest is also jumping on the profile redesign bandwagon as it tests a new layout that makes chosen pins into a collage for a user’s cover photo. It’s a cool way for people to get their images straight out there. The photo sharing app are also changing up the way users see people’s ‘followers’ and ‘following’ by removing elements and replacing them with tabs.

Facebook Pumps its Stories

Facebook have also been chopping and changing their Stories feature this week and have rolled out numerous new tests to see if it becomes any more successful. One test Facebook is trying is to make sure that when a user films something on the AR Facebook Camera the option to share it to their Stories is automatically selected, so people are more likely to share it to their friends. Before people would have to click it themselves, leaving more room for hesitation and ignoring the option.