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Social Media News Roundup: April ’18 Week 4

In social media news this week, Instagram lets users upload multiple photos and videos to their Stories, Facebook gives parents more control on their Messenger Kids app and Twitter tries to bring users a well-rounded view of the news.
Insta Multi-Upload

This week, Instagram has made it easier to share more than one picture or video to your story. The app has added a feature which lets you add multiple photos and videos to the Stories updates simultaneously. This makes the process of uploading content more seamless as before a user would have to manually upload photos or videos one at a time.

The process is similar to when you upload more than one image to be shared on your feed, as the same preview applies with the option to pick which photos you want. You can edit each image and add stickers and simply upload them altogether. That’s right, prepare yourself for a whole new world of hour long stories and a serious case of FOMO.

Facebook Gives More Control to Parents

Facebook has added to its Messenger Kids app this week with a feature that allows parents even more control over the app. The app allows young kids to text and video chat with friends and family. However, the parents of the user are in control of what contacts their children have and who can contact them. The messages between users can be seen by parents too and either the user or parent can block and report any suspicious or unwanted behaviour.

The new feature named ‘Sleep Mode’ gives parents the ability to set times when the app will be available to their child, which will control usage and monitor exposure. In ‘sleep times’, the app won’t be accessible to children. This is one more step towards a personalised, safer online experience with Facebook.

Twitter’s New Way to Get News

Twitter has been working on ways to bring its users news for a while now and the site finally seems to be making moves to keep people updated with the latest stories. Twitter’s new update will highlight news stories that have been shared by the people you follow on your news feed. Also, the feature, in an aid to eliminate bias, will provide tweets that mention the same story below the original one shared. This feature is Twitter’s offering to those who want to hear the story and get the whole picture from all perspectives, as it continues to act against hate crime and fake news.