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May the Fourth

Why You Should Honour May the 4th

If you don’t know what this famous day marks, it’s safe to say you’ve been living on…Earth. May the 4th is a day dedicated solely to the Star Wars films franchise.

From Lego to Reebok and Nokia to UK football teams, the Star Wars inspired day has enlightened many company’s marketing strategies and it can change your world too…well at least your social marketing world.

It’s Not Yet Been Done to Death Star

It’s big for engagement as everyone will be talking about it, so it’s time to hop onto the spaceship. It’s a big franchise and the new films have made the day even more contemporary. It’s an iconic story that crosses generations and is loved by many, meaning posts dedicated to the day will be too.

Just search the hashtags ‘#MayThe4thBeWithYou’ or ‘#StarWarsDay’ and see the floods of tweets and Instagram posts of users and other companies sharing edited photos of lightsabers, Darth Vader and Star Wars themed cupcakes. Many users have changed their brand just for the day to reflect the out of this world franchise.

Take Your Social Media to the Dark Side

Even if your business doesn’t relate to space or you are more of a Star Trek fan, there’s still a way to work the Star Wars day into your social media. Take a leaf from Green Peace, with their ‘May the forest be with you’ campaign or Starbucks declaring that it may not be your Father, but certainly is ‘your Frappuccino’.

There are so many ways to work Star Wars into your business. It’s a chance for you and your team to get creative and think outside the box! However, please avoid using the video or GIF of the dancing stormtrooper – that really has outstayed its welcome.

The Jedi Union

People love Star Wars and that extends to any funny puns and posts from brands that relate to the film franchise. National holidays are a vital time to engage with people further than your audience and May the 4th is no different.

It’s all in the mind…

If an increase of engagement and potential improved reach and growth weren’t enough to sway you, then use the day as a chance to embrace your inner teenager – the one that’s had to hide because of business commitments and adult life.

Stars Wars Days and social media is letting us know that it’s okay to be a bit nerdy and it’s definitely cool to share what you love on social platforms. Star Wars Day not only reminds us of George Lucas’ masterpieces, but that we should be proud of what we are passionate about and there are other people who share the same interests as us. May the 4th points out that no matter how big the world is or how small our lives may be, we are never truly alone.