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At the Water Cooler

Why Women are Ruling the Internet

Despite every historical turning point, we still have the attitude that men rule the roost, including when it comes to social media and technology. However, after research was conducted on social media demographics, women took the tally for the highest number of users on social media.

What do I need to do to clean up my Social Media?

  In today’s day and age your online persona is very important. So whether its for work, online dating or just getting rid of those embarrassing photos here’s a few tips on how to clean up your online persona. Many employers now look at your

If we could change 5 things about Twitter

With such a variety of social platforms each serving their own individual purpose, with many pros and cons to all, they are ultimately striving for the same goal. This said goal is to make the world a more social place, to increase the engagement and

Giraffe’s Top 10 funniest YouTube videos

    Since 2005, YouTube has given us many laughs, so we decided to look back over the past 8 years and pick out YouTube’s funniest videos. Sit back, relax and enjoy Giraffe’s top 10! 1)   A VERY NERVOUS NEWS REPORTER – This newsreader gets

10 Words You Didn’t Know Had A Word.

  There is nothing more exciting than finding out about cool new words? Only me? Oh, that’s ok, I’m going to share it with you anyway. (Who likes my homage to Breaking Bad here?) I came across a bunch of words that made me go

What’s it like to Work at Facebook?

After watching “The Social Network”, it would appear that when Facebook was originally setup, it was maybe not the most ‘secure’ of jobs. With so much controversy into who came up with the initial ideas and who owned what percentage, Facebook has certainly had its

What is PR?

Let’s go back to basics with this post…   Ask any Public Relations (PR) practitioner or academic to define their career field and each answer will be indubitably different. PR is almost going through the transition from high school to college, to find its place

10 Vine Videos you Must Watch Right Now.

  Vine, an app owned by Twitter that lets you share up to 7 seconds of looped video with the world. So what kind of amazing things can you make in 7 seconds? See our Top 10 Vine videos for some inspiriation!   1. The

Is the Postcard Dead?

Just read an interesting article on the Telegraph website (here), and it made me realise that yeah… who on earth is still sending postcards?! With technology where it is now, people are using Skype, Facebook and email to keep in touch with their loved ones