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PR placed at No. 7 on list of ‘Most Confusing Professions’


Yep, that’s the face my mum still makes when I explain to her what it is I do.

A recent poll on Linkedin showed that, nearly half of UK parents don’t understand what their child does for a living.

42% of the parents asked had kids working in or around PR, said they were slightly unsure as to what exactly they do for a living, placing Public Relations at number 7 on the list of 10. Surprisingly, Social Media Manager was at number 3 on the list, with number one and two being UI designer and Data scientist.

But some of the other jobs on the list, 8. Investment Banker, 9. Radio Producer and 10. Software Developer are a surprise to me since they’ve been around for some time.

Linkedin, as a result, want to roll out ‘Bring your parents to work day’ to truly understand what their kid does.

And if not, I guess a handful of parents are just nodding and smiling when you tell them about your day at work.

Content Manager – Meera Patel


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