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Giraffe’s Top 10 funniest YouTube videos



Since 2005, YouTube has given us many laughs, so we decided to look back over the past 8 years and pick out YouTube’s funniest videos. Sit back, relax and enjoy Giraffe’s top 10!

1)   A VERY NERVOUS NEWS REPORTER – This newsreader gets a bit too nervous. Why didn’t somebody help him!? (2:25)

2)   ULTIMATE DOG TEASE – A talking dog gets very upset when its owner teases it with some tasty food. (0:30)

3)   OLD MAN INVADES INTERVIEW – A standard interview, until a man turns up and makes animal noises. (0:06)

4)   SKYPE LAUGHTER CHAIN – A hilarious viral video from Skype! (1:57)

5)   FRUSTRATED SKATEBOARDER FAIL – It must be frustrating when you     can’t complete a trick, but it’s more frustrating when this happens. (0:12)

6)   ASDFMOVIE – The first in a series of comedic sketches from TomSka. If you like this one, there’s plenty more where that came from! (0:24)

7)  DRAMATIC CAT – Not sure what this cat is watching, but it’s obviously put him on edge. (0:10)

8)   I ONLY LIKE YOU WHEN YOU GIVE ME COOKIES, MOM – An unimpressed mom discovers her son’s real priorities. (0:28)

9)   ANNOYING ORANGE: WAZOOM – The annoying orange series has been growing since 2009. This episode is particularly funny! (1:11)

10)   DAVE AFTER DENTIST – High Dave has raked in over 121 million views! “Is this real life?” (1:44)

That’s our top 10! Let us know what videos you would have picked and what you thought of our selection.

Content Assistant – Ben Hunt

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