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What do I need to do to clean up my Social Media?


In today’s day and age your online persona is very important. So whether its for work, online dating or just getting rid of those embarrassing photos here’s a few tips on how to clean up your online persona.

Many employers now look at your social networking sites to get an idea of the person they may be employing. Friends and family that don’t often see you love the use of social media to keep in contact. You don’t want anyone judging you based on a social network.

So here’s 3 ways you can help make your social networks you and less oops.

1. Filters.

Filters can be used on sites like facebook. These work by asking you to accept or decline a tagged post of you before it appears on your wall. For example when your best friend tags you in an embarrassing status right before a job interview you can say no. This works well as the post stays up but not on your wall.

2. Security.

Sites like twitter and facebook are brilliant when considering your privacy. With twitter you can lock your account so only people you allow to follow you can see your updates. Facebook you can create groups of people that you can pick and choose from whenever you create a post. Don’t want dad to see that picture of you on holiday? Don’t click the family group. Simple.

3. Relax.

No ones online persona is perfect. Sure clean it up but when it comes to this don’t go overboard. Employers know everyone has a social life. So instead of deleting every picture of a brilliant night out keep it to just binning the ones that may seem er lets say less appealing to a possible future boss.

With these simply tips you can have piece of mind knowing whats being posted is you and only you.

Liam Parker

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