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Let us tell you why you should OUTSOURCE your Social Media Marketing!

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Web 2.0 is Social Media. For any brand within this Millennial you want to engage your customers, existing and potential, as well as keeping relationships with stakeholders and social media is the place where all of that happens. We’re all on Facebook personally, we post pictures of our pets, our recent holiday destination and share a funny video from YouTube.

But Social Media for media relations is a completely different story. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube are a handful of the many platforms out there which help brands engage. It’s all good and well creating a Facebook page or a Twitter handle for a business, but the important thing is how to use Social Media to market your brand or business. Social Media is the now “it” thing for public relations and networking amongst consumers, its a deep part of the marketing mix. Social Media for a business is on a complete different caliber than using Social Media personally.Which is why we at Giraffe, are the mavens at doing it all.

Outsourcing your Social Media marketing to our specialist team gives you the knowledge and insight of Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing, Advertising, Media, Film, Computing and so much more. You wouldn’t get your tooth taken out by a musician would you? Experience is essential. We cover every angle of the marketing frame and our solid understanding of the digital generation means your personal Social Media manager will truly get to know your business inside out, you’ll create a personal relationship with them as if they were an employee of your company. We’re humans, not robots. They’ll create a bespoke Social Media package that fits in with your objective, strategy and tactics. We focus on top results and ROI!

It is usually much more inexpensive to outsource your Social Media rather than keeping it in-house and we see it more as an investment. Not only in terms of stipend, but also the costs of having an employee run it in house, from specialist software and equipment to desks. We have the best knowledge and software to boost your online persona.

Social Media marketing is more than sitting on a computer and playing on Facebook and Twitter all day. It’s far more deeper than that. Collectively, we have spent over 25 years studying and practicing everything to do with the marketing world. Did you know about Facebook’s algorithm? Affinity + Weight + Time Decay? We do, that why we’re specialists. Social Media never sleeps, its a 24 hour process, you can’t close shop at 5pm and expect to pick up from the same place the next day. There are far too many new developments in the online world to miss it because you’re off watching Eastenders. Social Media marketing is a time-consuming process, as much as we all love instant gratification, nothing happens over night (unless you’re in the trade market). So, it’s a good thing we don’t have sick days and coffee keeps us alive.

This is what Giraffe as a brand is, and it’s what we do.

  • Social Media management
  • Content Marketing
  • Content driven Social Media
  • …and much more.
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Social Media Manager – Meera Patel 


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