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10 Vine Videos you Must Watch Right Now.


Vine, an app owned by Twitter that lets you share up to 7 seconds of looped video with the world. So what kind of amazing things can you make in 7 seconds? See our Top 10 Vine videos for some inspiriation!


1. The book beetle: the burrowing – Chris Donlon

We love this creative use of stop motion to make a tiny short story about a paper bug escaping and burrowing inside a book. This was created by shooting tiny amounts of video, moving the beetle, and recording another tiny amount of video until the animation comes together. 

It’s part of a mini series Chris has created in stop motion. Be sure to check it out!


2. Drawing a rubber egg – Pinot

An animated Sketch by Pinot has to make it into our top 10. As with a lot of Vine videos, a stop motion technique is used. Drawing and redrawing the egg for each frame will have been a painstaking process but it has a funny little surprise at the end! 


3. What happens when you combine milk, food coloring and dish soap? – GE

Vine has become a powerful social tool and brands have recognised this. General Electric have embraced this really well and have created  fun, interesting clips, like this mini experiment that shows the reaction between milk, soap and food colouring. The result is surprisingly cool!


4. How to play with your food – Jathro Ames

This quirky Vine video uses food as props to create an animation of a fish bowl. I was always told not to play with my food, but I don’t think mum would mind if I created something like this!


5. Billy Jean – Nick Mastodon

Vine has an abundance of music mash up, but one of the best has to be this mash up of Michael Jackson and the Emperors New Groove. (Sound needed)

6. Oreo Cookie – Fresh Ground Cookie on your Ice Cream

Another great example of brands using Vine. Oreo use their account to offer simple tips with their cookies, take this video for example, a delicious idea that shows how using a grinder can make a fun Oreo topping for ice cream!


7. Late for the party but still plenty of food – tzaddi

This cute Vine fast forward of a Squirrel taking one nut at a time, only to be beaten to the last one by a crafty bird, made me really chuckle! 


8. Keep bugs out of your sandbox – Lowes

You might not be convinced that a home improvements company could offer anything of real interest on the Vine platform. But you’d be wrong. Lowes have become a real gem in the Vine world, creating fun, practical videos which give you general household tips. 



9. Personal tax allowance – The Times

You may be wondering how you can possibly make an interesting video about tax allowance. Particularly in 7 seconds! But The Times have creatively used Vine to provide us with a very brief summary of the changes in tax allowance for 2014. It’s simple and gives you all the information you need. 



10. I need to talk to you – Adam Goldberg

Actor and Indie film maker Adam Goldberg is the internet crowned ‘King of Vine’ and you can see why with his funny posts – posts that   give us an insight into what is an incredibly wacky mind. (Bonus – He played Eddie, Chandlers room mate in Friends!) (Sound needed)


Content Assistant – Sean Haydock – @Bseanty

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