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10 Celebrities You Should Be Following On Twitter


Upon its inception, Twitter became a popular place for celebrities to hang out and so millions of people signed up with the intention of following them and feeling that little bit closer to their favourite star…

The one issue where a lot of celebrity accounts are concerned are that they are normally either boring, monotonous reminders of when and where to buy their work, or they’re run by a team of people who have no more met that person than you or I. Some even veer into being sanctimonious ‘moral compass’ voices of reason that nobody ever asked for. That said, there are a select few who really see Twitter’s possibility for connecting with fans or even just for having some fun!

So, who should you follow?

1. Patton Oswalt

The Entourage star and comedian provides one of the funniest accounts on Twitter with a constant supply of hilarious comments on the day’s news and events. Satire and biting wit at its finest.

2. David Lynch

Fans of this master of the surreal should follow him for more of the same in his tweets. His idiosyncratic view of the world is both interesting and bizarre.

3. Aaron Paul

The lovable rogue of Breaking Bad fame is notoriously ‘game’ when it comes to his fans and his Twitter feed reflects this perfectly: enthusiastic, earnest and not a trace of egotism anywhere.

4. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen has long been considered to be one of the funniest women alive and her US chat show has only served to seal that deal. She caught the world’s attention with her now-infamous Oscars selfie and her tweets are fun, celebrity-laden, and feature lots of photos.

5. Russell Brand

Brand has found fame for his observational comedy and verbose speech. More recently, he has become the political voice of a despondent generation and his Twitter feed has plenty of commentary and humorous takes on important events in the news.

6. Lily Allen

Whilst she isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, the singer presents her daily life in a simple and mundane way. If it’s a real, human connection to a celebrity that you want – Lily is just the ticket.

7. Ricky Gervais

Gervais is widely considered to be one of the funniest men in the world and his Twitter feed does not disappoint. It is filled with funny comments, silly selfies, and interesting updates.

8. Zooey Deschanel

Observational comedy that’s anything but humdrum from the queen of the ‘every woman’ character. Zooey has made a career out of being very likeable and her Twitter feed reinforces this in spades.

9. Caitlin Moran

Celebrated journalist and author, Caitlin Moran offers up ‘angry-woman’ style tweets about everything from feminism to fish fingers. Often political and dry.

10. Edna Fry (aka. Stephen Fry in a wig)

Fry’s hilarious alter-ego/long-suffering ‘wife’ is, in my opinion, better than Fry’s actual Twitter feed as it allows him to get back to his comedy roots and offers up what he does best: self-deprecating wit.

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