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Should My Business Be Using Promoted Tweets?

Twitter has often taken the backseat with its tools when it comes to advertising, especially compared to the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

However, it seems people have underestimated the social media platform as it has lots of different ways to advertise and promote your business that could be hugely beneficial to your goals and objectives, including promoted tweets that seem to be paving the way to a new and improved way of advertising on Twitter.

Why Choose Twitter to Advertise?

Twitter has over 300 million active users, so it would be a waste to not utilise such a large pool of individuals potentially waiting to buy your product or use your service.

They have lots of different ads to choose from such as promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends.

What is a Promoted Tweet?

Promoted tweets were introduced by Twitter in 2010 and have made leaps and bounds since in terms of relevant targeting, conversion tracking and the availability of objective-based campaigns.

They are just like a normal tweet, with copy, an image or video and sometimes a link, but they’re sponsored and paid for by advertisers instead. This allows businesses and brands to simply put their content in front of potential clients and customers, with the ability for new and interested users to comment, like and retweet the post.

The Benefits of Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets can be a great benefit to your business as the boost not only helps people to see the tweet, but also increases engagement on the post too. They can be used by businesses to increase their brand awareness, website traffic and even lead generation!

When to Use a Promoted Tweet

A promoted tweet is most useful for businesses who want to share and promote a competition, a new blog post, a marketing campaign, a special offer, an event or sale, or even if you just have a big announcement or new news.

Unlike growth ads, promoted tweets won’t usually last the whole month, unless you keep boosting them or want the most efficient and useful result. They are most impacting over one, two or three days as you can make the most of your budget and get the tweet out too as many people as possible before the copy is outdated, or the offer you are promoting expires.

The tweet will then show up in Twitter users’ feeds with a little logo underneath saying ‘Promoted’. Also, once you’ve carried out a campaign with the exact target audience and keyword selection you want, you can simply go back and copy it again, saving you some extra time to come up with a new tweet.

How to Use a Promoted Tweet

It’s vital you get your audience right with a promoted tweet, as unlike other ads on the platform, the feature will make you pay for every engagement you receive, including likes, retweets, replies, a follow or even a link click.

Make sure the image or video you are promoted in the tweet is of high quality and that the copy is correct.

For more information on the different type of Twitters ads, campaign objectives and advertising on other social media platforms, get in contact with us today.