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social media news April 2019

Social Media News Roundup: April 2019

In social media news this month, Instagram adds the option to quiz your audience to its Stories, Twitter continues its side project and Facebook wants to make your feed more three-dimensional.
Let’s Get Quizzical

Ever wanted to know how much your friends really know about you? Well know you can, with Instagram’s new Quiz sticker on its Stories feature. Alike to the Poll and Question stickers already as options on the social media platform, the new sticker can be selected and put over images ready to be posted to your Instagram story.

After picked in the menu, you just need to type in your question and add in two to four possible answers to it. You then need to select the right answer and simply share it on the Stories feature and see how many people get it right. It’s a great sticker for interaction and can used as another way to get engagement from your audience. Brands can use the feature to ask questions about their products and services and utilise the sticker to make competitions and quizzes more interactive.

Twitter with the Vowels Removed

In Twitter social media news this month, the social media platform was experimenting with a side project called Twttr. The experiment was created with the idea to test potentially new features to everyday users before the tools went live to Twitter’s main platform. However, it wasn’t just the vowels removed from the name in the new version, but engagement buttons on threads too. Instead of clicking a like button, users would have to swipe to show their appreciation instead. The goal of Twttr is to find ways of making Twitter more enjoyable and declutter the platform and has already provided Twitter users with cool new features like Dark Mode.

Three-Dimensional Facebook

Facebook has been getting futuristic this month and has added to its 3D picture feature, allowing more people, including Android users, a chance to take part in the new way to share images online. The social media platform has also added the feature to its Facebook Stories, so brands can share their 3D designs there too. However, it does take some skill as Oculus explains your image will need to match your depth map for the Facebook 3D feature to work successfully.

Although the 3D images are more in-depth and take more time to make than a usual post, they are definitely worth it. They stand out on a feed and are another great post type for your audience to interact with.